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Jemima (BANKSTON): Birth: <1735>. Death: in Oconee Co, GA

Emily P (BENNETT): Birth: Abt 1802 in Georgia.

Magdalena Birg (BERRY): Birth: 13 Jan 1732 in Pennsylvnia. Death: Abt 1796 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky
Nicholaus Birg (BERRY): Birth: Abt 1706.
Elsie Opal (BIRDSONG)HARDY: Birth: Feb 1891.

A. B: Birth: Jun 1899 in Greene, MS. Death: in Greene, MS
Aaron B: Birth: Abt 1857 in Smith County, MS. Death: Abt 1870 in Smith County, MS
Absalom B: Birth: 12 Mar 1855 in Greene County, MS. Death: 29 Aug 1924 in Greene County, MS
Alvin B: Birth: 24 Aug 1838 in Chicora, Wayne County, MS.
Amos B: Birth: Abt 1855 in Greene County, MS.
Annli B: Birth: Abt 1621. Death: 11 Oct 1687 in Ottenbach, Canton Zrich, Switzerland
Austin Moody B: Birth: 24 Dec 1901 in Wayne County, MS.USA. Death: 20 May 1968 in Wayne County, MS.USA
Bart B: Birth: 18 Oct 1881 in Holmesville, Union, LA. Death: 6 Nov 1959 in Monroe, Ouachita, LA
Catharine B: Birth: Abt 1821 in Marion District, SC.
Catherine B: Birth: 6 Jan 1852 in Old Augsta, Perry County, MS. Death: 24 Apr 1920 in Luceadale, George County, MS
Charles B: Birth: Dec 1873 in Greene, MS. Death: 1950 in Greene, MS
Chester B: Birth: May 1898 in Forrest County, MS.
Clara B: Birth: Sep 1866 in Copiah County, MS. Death: Abt 1930 in Copiah County, MS
Clarnecce B: Birth: 11 Feb 1892 in Verona, Boone County, KY.
Clyde B: Birth: 26 Apr 1922 in Covington County, AL. Death: 31 Jul 1996 in Destin, Okaloosa County, FL
D B: Birth: Abt 1879.
David B: Birth: Abt 1744 in Nash County, NC. Death: 25 Mar 1804 in Wayne, GA
Edney B: Birth: Abt 1835 in MS.
Elisha B: Birth: 1864 in Tylertown, Pike, MS.
Ellan B: Birth: Abt 1870 in Wilmer, AL. Death: 28 Nov 1953
Ethel B: Birth: 1881. Death: 1940
Frances B: Birth: 1 Jan 1789 in Marion County, SC. Death: 1 Apr 1865 in Greene County. MS
Gabriel B: Birth: 15 May 1857 in Clarke County, MS. Death: 16 Mar 1922
Green B: Birth: 17 Feb 1872 in Bradley County, AR. Death: 15 Mar 1958
Hans Jagli B: Birth: Abt 1618. Death: 29 Jun 1676 in Ottenbach, Canton Zrich, Switzerland
Hans Rudi B: Birth: Abt 1627.
Hans Rudi B: Birth: Abt 1627.
Hans B: Birth: Abt 1619. Death: 13 May 1619
Harvy B: Birth: 1878 in Hattiesburg, Forrest County, MS.
Hillary B: Birth: 4 Aug 1824 in Pike, MS. Death: 7 Mar 1859
Hubert B: Birth: 2 Feb 1889 in Athens, Henderson County, TX. Death: 28 Dec 1893 in Athens, Henderson County, TX
Hugh B: Birth: Mar 1860 in Perry County, MS.
Isabella B: Birth: 15 Aug 1881 in Wilcox County, AL. Death: 18 Jun 1955
J B: Birth: Abt 1892 in Greene County, MS.
Jagli B: Birth: Abt 1624. Death: 18 Oct 1688 in Ottenbach, Canton Zrich, Switzerland
James B: Birth: 1870 in Neshoba County, MS.
James B: Birth: Abt 1827 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple. Death: 23 Mar 1863 in Galton County, GA
James B: Birth: Abt 1827 in Marion County, AL. Death: Abt 1926
James B: Birth: Nov 1853 in Greene County, MS. Death: 1939 in Wilmer, AL
James B: Birth: 3 Jan 1897 in Greene County, MS. Death: 2 Nov 1969 in Greene County, MS
James B: Birth: Abt 1833 in MS. Death: Abt 1895
Jane B: Birth: 1805 in TN.
Janie B: Birth: 12 Jan 1855 in Brier Patch, Bulloch County, GA. Death: 23 Oct 1927 in Toombs County, GA
John B: Birth: 1821 in NC. Death: 23 Sep 1864 in Elmira, NY
John B: Birth: 27 Feb 1863 in Neely, Greene County, MS. Death: 12 Jun 1923 in Wilmer, AL
John B: Birth: Abt 1859 in MS.
Joseph B: Birth: 15 Jan 1893 in Wilmer, AL. Death: 6 Aug 1948 in Wilmer, AL
Joseph B: Birth: 1857.
Joseph B: Birth: Abt 1868 in Meehan, Lauderdale County, MS. Death: 24 Aug 1929
Joseph B: Birth: 21 Jan 1895. Death: 19 Apr 1968
Josie B: Birth: Abt 1842 in TX.
Julia B: Birth: Abt 1878 in Clara, Wayne County, MS.
Junetter "Julia" B: Birth: 3 Jun 1822 in E Baton Rouge, LA. Death: 18 Feb 1892 in Boggie Bottoms, Leon, TX
Lee B: Birth: 10 Oct 1879 in Cardston AlbertaTemple.
Lida B: Birth: 12 Feb 1900. Death: Jun 1976 in Mobile, AL
Lilla B: Birth: Oct 1883 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.
Lucy B: Birth: Abt 1849 in Jacksonville, Wayne County, MS. Death: 6 May 1910 in Parker County, Taxes
Lucy B: Birth: Feb 1892 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.
Lucy B: Birth: Nov 1839 in Laurens, SC.
Ludwig B: Birth: Abt 1627. Death: 3 Sep 1699 in Ottenbach, Canton Zrich, Switzerland
Luke B: Birth: 1770 in St. George Parish, Augusta, GA. Death: 1858 in New Hope, Marion County, MS
Marvin B: Birth: Feb 1893 in Souwilpa, Choctaw County, AL.
Mary B: Birth: 4 Sep 1822 in Copiah County, MS.
Mathew B: Birth: Abt 1871 in Pike County, AL.
Melchior B: Birth: Abt 1624.
Melchior B: Birth: Abt 1624.
Minnie B: Birth: 15 Mar 1886 in Carroll County, GA.
Nathaniel B: Birth: 5 Oct 1741 in Vinginia..
Nathaniel B: Birth: 12 Sep 1712 in Vinginia..
Nellie B: Birth: 10 Aug 1881 in Mobile, AL.
Phelan B: Birth: 30 May 1895 in Whistler, Mobile, AL. Death: 22 Jun 1990
Rebecca B: Birth: 11 Mar 1854 in Wayne, Wayne County, MS. Death: 20 Mar 1929 in Greene County, MS
Robert B: Birth: 22 Jan 1843 in Walker County, AL. Death: 28 Jul 1864 in In The Civil War, Andersonville, Georgia.
Robert B: Birth: Abt 1790.
Samantha B: Birth: Abt 1879 in Marion County, AL.
Seth B: Birth: Abt 1867 in Chesterfield, SC.
Stanley B: Birth: Abt 1891 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.

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