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William III De Braose: Birth: BET 1144 AND 1153 in Bramber, Sussex, England. Death: 09 AUG 1211 in Corbeil, Marne, France
William IV 'The Younger' De Braose: Birth: ABT 1175 in Bramber, Sussex, England. Death: ABT 1210 in Corfe Or, Windsor Castle
William V 'Black Will' De Braose: Birth: BET 1196 AND 1204 in Brecknock, Surrey, England. Death: 02 MAY 1230 in Wales
William De Braose: Birth: ABT 1126 in Gower, Glamorganshire, Wales Or Abergav. Death: AFT 1179 in England
John De Braytoft: Birth: ABT 1200 in Risegate, Lincolnshire, England.
Walter De Braytoft: Birth: ABT 1175.
Cecily De Bredbury: Birth: ABT 1327 in Harden, Cheshire, England.
Person Not Viewable
Alice De Brereton: Birth: ABT 1490 in Brereton, Staffordshire, England.
Andrew De Brereton: Birth: ABT 1448 in Brereton, Cheshire, England.
Elizabeth Eleanor De Brereton: Birth: 1406 in Brereton, Cheshire, England. Death: Deceased in Clifton, Runcorn, Cheshire, England
Ellen De Brereton: Birth: ABT 1477 in Brereton, Ches., Eng.. Death: 22 SEP 1541 in Gawsworth, Ches., Eng.
Isabel Johana De Brereton: Birth: 1418 in Brereton, Cheshire, England.
Matilda De Brereton: Birth: ABT 1298 in of, Brereton, Cheshire, England.
Randall De Brereton: Birth: ABT 1380 in MALPAS, CHESSHIRE.
William IV De Brereton: Birth: 1263 in Brereton, Cheshire, England. Death: 1340
William IX De Brereton: Birth: 1414 in Brereton, Cheshire, England. Death: 1456
William V De Brereton: Birth: 1290 in Brereton, Cheshire, England. Death: 1340
William VI De Brereton: Birth: 1314 in Egerton, Cheshire, England. Death: 1381 in Hartfleur
William VII De Brereton: Birth: BET 14 FEB 1367 AND 1368 in Egerton, Cheshire, England. Death: 1426 in Brereton, Cheshire, England
William VIII De Brereton: Birth: 1390 in Barton, Preston, Lancashire, Eng.. Death: 1425 in Chester, Cheshire, England
William VIII De Brereton: Birth: 1473 in Brereton, Cheshire, England. Death: BET 04 FEB 1539 AND 1540 in Milkenny, Ireland
Person Not Viewable
Alphonse De Brienne: Birth: 1172 in Brienne, France. Death: AFT 1202 in England
Blanche De Brienne: Birth: ABT 1245 in Probably Courtrain, Mayenne, France. Death: ABT 1302
Erard I De Brienne: Birth: ABT 1060 in France. Death: ABT 1114
Erard II De Brienne: Birth: ABT 1130 in France. Death: BET 08 FEB 1190 AND 1191 in Acre, Palestine
Felicite De Brienne: Birth: ABT 1125 in Probably France.
Gauthier II De Brienne: Birth: ABT 1105. Death: ABT 1161
Jean De Brienne: Birth: ABT 1225 in Acre, Palestine. Death: 1296
John I (Jean) De Brienne: Birth: ABT 1190 in Probably Acre, Palestine. Death: BET 21 MAR 1236 AND 1237 in Constantinople, Turkey
Louis D'Acre De Brienne: Birth: ABT 1235 in Acre, Palestine. Death: AFT 01 SEP 1297
Marie De Brienne: Birth: ABT 1218.
Walter III De Brienne: Death: ABT 1205
Yolanthe De Brienne: Birth: 1211 in Brienne, France. Death: 05 MAY 1228
Anslech (Oslac) Lancelot De Brioquibec: Birth: ABT 0905 in Normandy, France. Death: ABT 0955
Ertemberge De Brioquibec: Birth: ABT 0930 in Normandy, France. Death: 1003
Alice De Briwere: Birth: ABT 1184 in Dunster, Somersetshire, England. Death: AFT 1233
Henry De Briwere: Birth: ABT 1114 in Stoke, Devonshire, England.
Isabel De Briwere: Birth: ABT 1184 in Stoke, Devonshire, England. Death: 1233
Joan De Briwere: Birth: ABT 1190 in Stoke, Devonshire, England. Death: ABT 1233
Margaret (Margery) De Briwere: Birth: ABT 1172 in Kempford, Gloucestershire, England. Death: BET 1233 AND 1237
William De Briwere: Birth: ABT 1145 in Stoke, Devonshire, England. Death: 1226 in Devonshire, England
Lucy De Brix: Birth: 1136 in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. Death: BEF 1190
Simon De Broyes: Birth: ABT 1150 in Probably Brie, France.
Person Not Viewable
Alexander De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1276. Death: 1307 in executed at Carlisle by order of Edward-------
Christina De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1240. Death: 1275
Elizabeth De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1309.
Isabel De Bruce: Birth: BET 1272 AND 1275 in Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland. Death: 1358
John De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1307. Death: OCT 1327
Margaret De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1317. Death: AFT 1364
Mary De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1272. Death: BEF 22 SEP 1323
Matilda De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1304. Death: 20 JUL 1353 in Aberdeen, Scotland
Maud De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1282. Death: ABT 1326
Nigel De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1285. Death: 1306 in beheaded by order of Edward at Berwick
Robert Lord Of Annandale De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1164 in Annandale, Dunfermline, Scotland. Death: 1245 in from Banks' Extinct Peerage
Sir Thomas De Bruce: Birth: ABT 1287. Death: 1307 in beheaded by order Edward at Carlisle Castle
Isabel De Bryron: Birth: ABT 1270 in Melling, Lancashire, England.
Person Not Viewable
Margery De Bulkeley: Birth: 1389 in Cheshire, England. Death: Deceased
Richard De Bulkeley: Birth: BET 22 FEB 1367 AND 1368 in Eaton, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. Death: 11 NOV 1391
Hubert De Burgh: Birth: ABT 1169 in Probably Kent, England. Death: 12 MAY 1243 in Barnstead, Surrey, England
Mabira De Caen: Birth: ABT 1115 in England. Death: AFT 1190
Robert 'The King's Son' De Caen: Birth: ABT 1090 in Caen, Normandy, France. Death: 31 OCT 1147 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Walter De Caen: Birth: ABT 1050. Death: AFT 1107
Hugo De Calavcamp: Birth: ABT 0890 in Near Dieppe.
Hugh De Calvacamp: Birth: ABT 0890 in Calvacamp, NEUSTRIA.
Hugh De Calveley: Birth: 1368.
Hugh De Calveley: Birth: 1392.
Jordan De Camberon: Birth: ABT 1105 in Camberon and Maisoncelles, France. Death: AFT 1172 in Umberlegh, Devonshire, England
Isabel De Camville: Birth: ABT 1152 in Bosworth, Leicestershire, England. Death: BET 1192 AND 1193
Richard De Camville: Birth: ABT 1127 in Bosworth, Leicestershire, England. Death: 1176
Prangarda De Canossa: Birth: ABT 0955.
Agnes De Cansfield: Birth: ABT 1254 in Aldingham, Lancashire, England. Death: 1293
Agnes De Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1202 in Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, England.
Juliana De Cantilupe: Birth: 1192 in Ewyas-Harold, Herefordshire, England. Death: 06 AUG 1285
Maud De Cantilupe: Birth: 1151 in Longueville, Gersey, Channel Isles, England.
William De Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1185 in Bowden And Market Harborough, England. Death: BET 1240 AND 1241
William De Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1216 in Calne, Wilts, Eng & Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire, England. Death: 25 SEP 1254 in Calstone, Wiltshire, England
Bellon De Carcassonne: Birth: 0780 in Carcassonne, Aude, France. Death: AFT 0812
Elizabeth De Chalons: Birth: ABT 0958 in Chalons, Seine-Et-Loire, France.
Hugues I De Chalons: Birth: ABT 0956. Death: 04 NOV 1039
Mathilde De Chalons: Birth: ABT 0946 in Chalons, Seine-Et-Loire, France. Death: BET 1005 AND 1019
Person Not Viewable
Henry De Champernon: Birth: ABT 1135 in Ilfracombe, Devon, England. Death: 1203
Jordan De Champernowne: Birth: ABT 1138 in Ilfrancombe, Devonshire, England. Death: BEF 1214 in Christchurch Priory, Dorsetshire, England
Richard De Champernowne: Birth: ABT 1170.
Thurstane De Charlecote: Birth: ABT 1164 in Of, Beldesert, Warwickshire, England.
Jeanne De Chateaudun: Birth: 1227 in Acre, Palestine.
Maud (Mathilde) De Chateaudun: Birth: ABT 0969.
Person Not Viewable
Sibyl (Chaources) De Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1112 in Kempsford, Gloucestershire, England. Death: BEF 1147 in Near The Choir, Bradenstoke, Wiltshire, England
Margaret De Chesney: Birth: ABT 1160 in Herefordshire, England. Death: AFT 22 NOV 1214 in Blythborough, Suffolk, England
Ralph De Chesney: Birth: ABT 1044 in Rudham, Norfolk, England. Death: 1086
Sarah De Chesney: Birth: ABT 1175. Death: BEF APR 1222
Sibyl De Chesney: Birth: ABT 1090 in Rudham, England.
William De Chesney: Birth: ABT 1120 in Horsford, Norfolk, England. Death: 1174
Adeliza (Alice) De Clare: Birth: BET 1080 AND 1092 in Essex, England. Death: BET 1163 AND 1166 in St. Osyth's Priory, England
Adeliza De Clare: Birth: 1045 in Tunbridge, Kent, England.

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