Henri I Of /France/
B: 15 MAY 1008
P: Reims, Champagne, France
D: 04 AUG 1060
P: Vitry-en-Brie, France

 Robert II 'The Pious' /France/
B: 27 MAR 0972
P: Orleans, France
M: 1000
P: France
D: 20 JUL 1031
P: Melun Castle, Melun, Aquitaine, France

 Constance Of /Toulouse/
B: ABT 0973
P: Toulouse, France
D: 25 JUL 1032
P: Melun, France

 Hugh /Capet/
B: ABT 0941
P: Paris, Isle De France, France
M: BET 0963 AND 0968
D: 24 AUG 0996
P: Les Juifs, France

 Adaelaeide Of /Poitou/
B: ABT 0950
P: Poitou, Aquitaine, France
D: 15 MAY 1006

 William III Of Toulouse /Taillefer/
B: ABT 0947
P: Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
M: ABT 0973
P: France
D: SEP 1037

 Arsinde (Blanca) Of /Anjou/
B: ABT 0942
P: Anjou, France
D: ABT 1026

 Hugh I 'The Great' Of /France/
B: ABT 0895
P: Paris, Seine, France
M: BEF 14 SEP 0938
P: Mainz Oder, Ingelheim, Rhineland, Germany
D: 16 JUN 0956
P: Deurdan, France
 Hedwig Of /Saxony/
B: ABT 0922
P: Saxony, Germany
D: BET 10 MAR 0964 AND 0965
P: Aachen, Rheinland, Germany
 William I (III) 'Towhead' Of /Aquitaine/
B: BET 0915 AND 0925
P: Poitiers, Aquitaine, France
M: ABT 0935
D: 03 APR 0963
P: Poitiers, France
 Adele (Gerloc) Of /Normandy/
B: BET 0917 AND 0920
P: Normandie, Nuestria
D: AFT 14 OCT 0962
P: France
 Raimond III Pons Of /Toulouse/
B: ABT 0917
P: Toulouse, Harte-Garonne, France
D: 1006
 Garsinde Of /Gascony/
B: ABT 0923
 Fulk II 'The Good' Of /Anjou/
B: ABT 0920
P: Anjou, France
M: 0937
P: France
D: 11 NOV 0958
P: Tours, France
 Gerberge Of The /Gatinais/
B: ABT 0913
P: Maine, France
D: AFT 0952
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