/Ranulf (Rainulf) I Of Aquitaine
        /Ranulf (Rainulf) II Of Aquitaine
       |    \Dau Of Rodrick II Of Maine
    /Ebles 'Manzer' Of Aquitaine
   |   |    /Louis II 'The Stammerer' Of France
   |    \Adaelaeide Of France
   |        \Ansgarde Of Burgundy
William I (III) 'Towhead' Of Aquitaine
   |        /Alfred 'The Great' Of England
   |    /Edward I 'The Elder' Of England
   |   |    \Ealhswith (Aethelswitha) Of Mercia
    \Elgiva Of England
       |    /Sigehelm Of Kent
        \Eadgifu (Edgiva) Of Kent
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