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Robert I 'The Old' Of Burgundy: Birth: ABT 1011 in France. Death: BET 21 MAR 1075 AND 1076 in Fleury-Sur-Ouche, France
Rudolph I Of Upper Burgundy: Birth: ABT 0847 in Burgundy, France. Death: 25 OCT 0912
Rudolph II (Rudolf) Of Burgundy: Birth: ABT 0902 in Burgundy, France. Death: 11 JUL 0937
Steven (Etienne) II Of Burgundy: Birth: ABT 1122 in Probably Vienne, France. Death: 21 JUL 1173
Steven (Etienne) III Of Burgundy: Birth: ABT 1171 in Probably Burgundy, France. Death: BET 16 MAR 1240 AND 1241
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George J. Burke: Birth: 24 FEB 1895 in Ogdenbury, NY. Death: 15 AUG 1958 in Erie V.A. Hospital, PA
Martha A. Burke: Birth: 06 JUL 1836 in Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio. Death: 06 FEB 1909 in Nokomis, ILL
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Walter Burleigh: Birth: WFT Est 1851-1877. Death: WFT Est 1901-1964
Margaret Juliana Burlingham: Birth: 1283 in ALDINGHAM, LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND.
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Rebecca Burnham: Birth: 05 FEB 1782 in Shaftsbury, Bennington, VT. Death: 12 JUL 1862 in Hanover, Shelby, IN
Hannah Burritt: Birth: WFT Est 1779-1803 in Buck Hollow, Fairfax, Franklin Co., VT. Death: WFT Est 1821-1892
Mary Burroughs: Birth: 1865. Death: 1963
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David Burt: Birth: 20 MAY 1668 in Springfield, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Death: 05 JUL 1735 in Springfield, Massachusetts Bay Province
Henry Burt: Birth: ABT 1595 in Harberton, co. Devon, England. Death: 30 APR 1662 in Springfield, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Martha Burt: Birth: 08 JUL 1707 in Springfield (Longmeadow), Massachusetts Bay Province. Death: 12 OCT 1782 in Enfield, Connecticut
Nathaniel Burt: Birth: 1636 in Harberton, co. Devon, England. Death: 29 SEP 1720 in Springfield (Longmeadow), Massachusetts Bay Province
Margaret Burton: Birth: 1384 in Of, Halberton, Somerset, Eng. Death: BEF 1428
Sarah Ann Burwell: Birth: WFT Est 1813-1836. Death: WFT Est 1858-1924
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Agnes Bushell: Birth: 1572.
Alice Bushell: Birth: 07 MAY 1579 in Frodsham, Cheshire, England. Death: AFT 1625 in England
John Bushell: Birth: 1574.
Margaret Bushell: Birth: 1582.
Thomas Bushell: Birth: 1546 in England.
William Bushell: Birth: 1576.
Leroy Busher: Birth: 1865 in Woodbridge, CT. Death: WFT Est 1895-1956
Sarah Bushnell: Birth: WFT Est 1788-1812. Death: WFT Est 1830-1901
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Agnes Butler: Birth: ABT 1527 in Tolland, Somerset, England. Death: 05 APR 1637
Chauncey Butler: Birth: WFT Est 1784-1810. Death: WFT Est 1835-1897
Cordelia Butler: Birth: 25 MAR 1828. Death: WFT Est 1829-1922
Dyer Butler: Birth: ABT 1830. Death: WFT Est 1831-1920
Edith Butler: Birth: ABT 1834. Death: WFT Est 1835-1928
Eleanor Butler: Birth: WFT Est 1783-1807. Death: WFT Est 1841-1896
Harriett Amanda Butler: Birth: WFT Est 1857-1881. Death: WFT Est 1899-1970
Jules Butler: Birth: ABT 1836. Death: WFT Est 1837-1926
Marie Butler: Birth: ABT 1832. Death: WFT Est 1833-1926
Ovid Butler: Birth: 07 FEB 1801 in Augusta, NY. Death: WFT Est 1840-1892
Thomas Butler: Birth: ABT 1837. Death: WFT Est 1838-1927
Count of Ardennes Buwin: Birth: ABT 0810.
Patricia Joan Byerly: Birth: 02 OCT 1933. Death: 06 APR 1985
M.T. Byrn: Birth: WFT Est 1804-1824. Death: WFT Est 1839-1910
Sally Catherine Byrn: Birth: WFT Est 1839-1862. Death: WFT Est 1855-1946
Anna Byzantium: Birth: 0886. Death: 0914

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