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Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1788-1815. Death: WFT Est 1840-1905
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1787-1811. Death: WFT Est 1830-1899
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1782-1801. Death: WFT Est 1803-1886
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1770-1792. Death: WFT Est 1813-1881
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1807-1829. Death: WFT Est 1850-1918
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1703-1722. Death: WFT Est 1724-1807
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1720-1748. Death: WFT Est 1770-1838
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1746-1765. Death: WFT Est 1767-1850
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1735-1755. Death: WFT Est 1767-1845
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1729-1756. Death: WFT Est 1780-1846
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1752-1772. Death: WFT Est 1773-1856
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1737-1764. Death: WFT Est 1789-1853
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1743-1779. Death: WFT Est 1803-1867
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1732-1769. Death: WFT Est 1758-1850
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1716-1752. Death: WFT Est 1737-1834
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1718-1738. Death: WFT Est 1750-1828
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1731-1751. Death: WFT Est 1763-1841
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1833-1862. Death: WFT Est 1838-1944
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1808-1828. Death: WFT Est 1833-1912
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1733-1759. Death: WFT Est 1795-1849
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1710-1736. Death: WFT Est 1768-1824
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1649-1682. Death: WFT Est 1709-1769
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1718-1745. Death: WFT Est 1767-1835
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1765-1785. Death: WFT Est 1823-1876
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1740-1766. Death: WFT Est 1790-1857
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1682-1704. Death: WFT Est 1750-1796
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1744-1764. Death: WFT Est 1776-1854
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1703-1727. Death: WFT Est 1746-1815
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1706-1732. Death: WFT Est 1756-1823
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1714-1739. Death: WFT Est 1756-1828
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1729-1752. Death: WFT Est 1774-1840
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1706-1735. Death: WFT Est 1756-1825
Unknown: Birth: ABT 1700. Death: WFT Est 1742-1795
Unknown: Birth: WFT Est 1523-1549. Death: AFT 1576
Unknown: Birth: 1482 in Toppesfield, Essex, England.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 1590. Death: in Y
Unknown: Birth: ABT 0828 in Norway.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 0854 in Sweden.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 0802 in France.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 0876 in Kent, England.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 0901 in Scotland.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 0840 in Scotland.
Unknown: Birth: 0784 in Carcassonne, Aude, France.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 1210 in DEVONSHIRE, ENGLAND.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 1098 in Torre-Briwere, Devonshire, England.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 1156 in Chapham, Bedfordshire, England.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 1135 in Wallingford, Berkshire, England.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 1146.
Unknown: Birth: ABT 0114 in Elmley Castle, Gloucestershire, England.
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Adelaide : Birth: ABT 1115.
Adelaide : Birth: ABT 0882.
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Aeda (a Frank) : Birth: 0784 in Saxony.
Aethelweard : Birth: ABT 0880 in Wessex, England. Death: 16 OCT 0922
Agnes : Birth: 1341 in Hodsock, Lincolnshire, England.
Alda (Ferderunda) : Birth: 0885.
Aleksandros (Alexander) : Birth: BET 0867 AND 0870 in Probably Constantinople, Turkey. Death: 06 JUN 0913 in Constantinople, Turkey
Alice (Adelaide or Judith) Of Normandy : Birth: ABT 1003 in Normandie. Death: AFT 01 JUL 1037 in France
Alice : Birth: ABT 1304 in Harden, Cheshire, England.
Alice : Birth: ABT 1371 in Mollington, Banastre, Cheshire, England.
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Alice Unknown: Birth: 1491 in Tolland, Somerset, England. Death: WFT Est 1519-1597
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Amanda S : Birth: 07 JAN 1830. Death: 14 FEB 1887 in Kentucky
Aminiana : Birth: ABT 0857.
Ansgarde Of Burgundy : Birth: ABT 0848.
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Athelstan : Birth: 0878.
Ava : Birth: ABT 0845.
Person Not Viewable
Chadaloh : Birth: 0820. Death: 0875
Echbert 'The Loyal' Of Saxony : Birth: BEF 0783. Death: AFT 0834
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Ermengarde : Birth: ABT 0855.
Ermensinde Of Carcassonne : Birth: ABT 0825.
Ermesinde Of Carcassone : Birth: ABT 0972 in Barcelona, SPAIN. Death: BET 01 MAR 1057 AND 1058
Estefania Of Barcelona : Birth: ABT 1000.
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Godeheut : Birth: ABT 0998 in Tosni, Eure, FRANCE.
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Heinrich 'Dux Austrasiorum' : Birth: ABT 0830. Death: 28 AUG 0886 in Paris, Seine, France
Ida : Birth: 0770. Death: AFT 21 NOV 0838
Ingeborg : Birth: ABT 0872 in Sweden.
Isabella : Birth: 1243.
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Isobel Unknown: Birth: 1555 in Of Boston, Lincoln, Eng. Death: 04 MAY 1602 in Boston, Lincoln, Eng
Issabell : Birth: ABT 1216 in <of West Markham, Nottinghamshire, England>. Death: in Y
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