Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Person Not Viewable . He/She was the son/daughter of Henry West and Bessie Carr.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Henry West was born ABT 1844 in England. He was the son of West.

Bessie Carr was born in England.

Children of Bessie /Carr/ and Henry /West/ are:
  1. "Fred" Fredrick West was born APR 1858 in England ’57.

  2. Alfred West was born OCT 1859 in England ’55. He married Beatrice Frost on ABT 1833 in New York. She was born OCT 1868 in England ’56.

  3. Robert West was born JUN 1864 in England, and died 1933 in Sodus, Wayne, New York. He married Mathilda E. Frost on ABT 1888. She was born FEB 1859 in England ’72, and died 1935 in Sodus, Wayne County, New York.

  4. Person Not Viewable . He/She married Person Not Viewable .

  5. Person Not Viewable .

  6. Person Not Viewable .

  7. Person Not Viewable .

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

West was born ABT 1825. He was the son of William West.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 4

William West was born 3 JUN 1803 in England. He was the son of Benjamin West and Sally Hacket.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 5

Benjamin West was born 4 JUL 1776 in England.

Sally Hacket was born 16 JUN 1775 in England.

Children of Sally /Hacket/ and Benjamin /West/ are:
  1. Rachel Gardner West was born 17 SEP 1796 in England.

  2. Susannah West was born 14 JUN 1799 in England.

  3. Hannah West was born 28 JUN 1801 in England.

  4. William West was born 3 JUN 1803 in England.

  5. Benjamin West was born 15 MAY 1805 in England.

  6. Unnamed West was born 1 MAR 1807 in England.

  7. Louis West was born 1 OCT 1807 in England, and died 1877 in 70 years in England.

  8. Eunice West was born 1 OCT 1810 in England.

  9. Sallyann West was born 9 MAY 1813 in England.

  10. Rebecca West was born 7 AUG 1816, and died 1877 in 61 yrs in England.

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