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Date: 03/02/2004 6:15:36 PM Pacific Standard Time
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Have a question on something that came up in 2002 about David Shatto, civil war casualty. Am taking off from a message from a "Barri & Richard Fisher" who posted a message explaining this whole thing on 17 Dec 2002.
A Catharine "Kate" Cluck had married a David Shatto, had a daughter Mary Alice Shatto b. 4 Apr 1861. He subsequently died in the Armory Square Hospital, Washington D.C., in 1862. The widow, Kate, subsequently remarried to another David Shatto, a cousin of David #1. The daughter became the guardian of William Cluck and had been in the household of her grandfather, Henry Cluck, in 1860. I presume David #1 is the son of John Shatto and Mary Sarah Shade, correct? Does anyone know who the parents of David #2 might be?
Now, I just received a letter from a long time Shatto researcher that has a note that sounds very familiar. She is discussing the children of Johann Anthony Chateau, Sr., (or Anthony Shatto, Sr. as he appears in the records). She says that Anthony Sr'.s son, Daniel, married someone named Kate and they had a daughter named Alice. Furthermore she cites a Perry County Orphans Court Document, Docket H, 15 Aug 1864, p. 312, that states that William Cluck became the guardian of this AliceShatto, of Howe Township, child of deceased Daniel Shatto and her mother Kate.
At least there is a document out there. Has anyone seen this document? Does the document say Daniel or David as the father? If someone has it, please post the whole thing to the list.
I just got the following from Fred Shatto that has Catharine Cluck marrying David Shatto:
Kapp, James Edward
Marriages and Deaths Recorded in Perry County (1820-1870), p. 290
Perry County Historians Accession 6687
Name........... Date.............Township.Event...Paper................ Edition.........Comment
Shatto, David 9 Sep 1860 Perry Co Wed-G Newport Gazette 20 Sep 1860 m. Catharine Cluck; both of Perry Co.
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