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Marriage: Children:
  1. Hannah Dagley: Birth: ABT. 1787 in Rowan County, N.C.. Death: 1860 in Union Ridge Cem. White County, Ill

  2. Rebecca Dagley: Birth: ABT. 1787 in Baron County, Kentucky. Death: 10 MAY 1855 in White County, Ill

  3. Sarah (Sally) Dagley: Birth: ABT. 1787 in Rowan County, N.C.. Death: in White County, Ill

  4. Samuel Dagley: Birth: 2 OCT 1797 in Peter's Creek, Baron County, Kentucky. Death: 21 SEP 1858 in White County, Ill

  5. Ruth Dagley: Birth: 1800 in Baron County, Kentucky. Death: in White County, Ill

a. Note:   Of Scotch-Irish descent, the Dagleys, like all their race, have energy, strong common sense & practical worth. Dagley was baggage-master for General Washington in Revolutionary war. During the march of the British, there were guards placed over his wife's house to protect it from the ravages of the troops. He moved to New Haven in 1812 with his family of five children.
  With the help of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Thomas Dagley's name was added to the list of soldiers of the revolutionary war in 1964. He was a patriot from Rowan County, NC, and furnished supplies. Copies of his pay vouchers are on file at the DAR in Washington, copied from State Dept. of Archives & History of NC, titled "Revolutionary Army Accounts", Volume XI, page 28, Folio 2. The USA reimbursed the state of Carolina for 323 pounds, 6 shillings, paid to Thomas Dagley for forage on May 3, 1779.
  A deed was made April 27, 1772, between Thomas Dagley & Gasper Rowland of Rowan County, NC, "that piece of parcel of land on East side of Bare Creek, being part of the land granted to Thomas Dagley by the State afore" ... 112 acres by estimation ... signed Thomas (X) Dagley, witnessed by Thomas Prather & Daniel Hemdrick.
  In 1795, August 25, a deed of Thomas Dagley to Jacob Keller, estimated 80 acres of land, granted by State to Dagley. It was on the East side of Bare Creek, by John Willcoxen's corner and Daniel Lewis' corner. Witnessed by William Willcoxen and William Butler.
  Following Dagley into Kentucky, Peter Creek was in Green County before Barren County was formed. Surveyors Book of Barren County, Commissioner's Certificate No. 1640. Jonathan Boone, Commissioner's Certificate No. 1643, 200 acres to Thomas Dagley by virtue. Commissioner's Certificate No. 1644, Joseph and Sally Boone, dated August 29, 1799. In the Barren County Circuit Court Records, it turned out Joseph Boone had no clear title to 200 acres & Rebecca Dagley made a deposition in Circuit Court, Case 57, on August 24, 1813, that she witnessed the signing of the deed by Joseph Boone in April or May, 1811. This was probably where Joseph Boone was selling out and moving on to Illinois.
  Rebecca Dagley's name was also listed in the American Genealogical Index, Washington, in the first census taken in 1790. She was of the Slocum family. Other Dagleys listed were: James Dagley & John Dagley who lived in PA - their estimated dates of birth (175?). John Dagley, Virginia, estimated birth (174?). James Dagley & Jonathan Dagley, estimated birth (175?), lived in NC. In January, 1796, Thomas Dagley went to Kentucky and acquired 200 acres of land. His brother, John, also got 200 acres. In 1801, John Dagley was no longer listed as a property owner. In 1814, Dagley brought his father and sisters to Boone's fort in Illinois. Thomas and Samuel Dagley bought land in White County, IL. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.