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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Starke: Birth: 03 APR 1736 in King William Co, VA.

  2. Anna Starke: Birth: 04 MAR 1737 in VA.

  3. John Starke: Birth: 27 APR 1742 in Louisa Co, VA. Death: 1827 in VA

  4. Wyatt Starke: Birth: FEB 1743 in VA. Death: 19 SEP 1747 in VA

  5. Lucy Starke: Birth: 16 APR 1746 in VA.

  6. Wyatt Starke: Birth: 19 SEP 1747 in VA. Death: BEF 1804 in VA

  7. Fanny Starke: Birth: 13 OCT 1749 in VA.

  8. Mary Starke: Birth: 05 MAY 1751 in VA.

  9. Joseph Starke: Birth: 20 JAN 1753 in VA.

  10. Sally Starke: Birth: 30 NOV 1754 in VA.

  11. Jane Starke: Birth: 12 DEC 1758 in VA.

  12. Anne Starke: Birth: 07 NOV 1760 in VA.

a. Note:   IN1
Note:   Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly. Vol. IV. Neville-Terrill on Ancestry
 William & Mary Quarterly, p. 561
 purchased land in New Kent, which later became King William County, VA
 "It may be that, as Hanover was taken from New Kent in 1720, the 'John Starke, of Hanover county, and Anne Wyatt,' who married May 25, 1735, were grandchildren of the John Starker and Major William Wyatt mentioned above. Mr. R. A. Brock found the entry of the marriage on the fly-leaf of the Acts of Assembly for 1734. In the same place the following issue of the marriage was recorded."
 marriage date and children listed with their birth dates.
 member of the Committee of Safety for Hanover Co., VA in 1775
 William & Mary Quarterly, p. 563
 Hanover County, VA 1706 - 1786 Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish
 File submitted for use in the USGenWeb Archives by:
 Pat C. John <[email protected]
 P. 377 & 378 (301) "Pursuant to an order of Vestry dated November 19, 1759 we the
 Subscribers have processiond the Lands as followeth (to Witt) Cornelius Dabney's Land
 Present John Wingfield, John Dabney's Land presn't Jeremiah Pate, Charles Massie and
 Thomas Tinsley. The Lands of Thomas Tinsley presn't, Jeremiah Pate, The Line between
 Thomas Tinsley and John Starke presn't, Jeremiah Pate, the Line between John Harris &
 John Starke, said Harris present, the line between John Wingfield deceas'd and John Starke
 present, Tho. Wingfield, the line between George Hudson and John Starke No person
 present, but our Selves, the lines of George Hudson all but one line between him &
 Matthew Pate, Present Thos Tinsley, Jeremiah Pate & Thomas Wingfield, the line between
 George Hudson & William Cock no person present but our Selves, the line between Wm.
 Cock & John Starke no person Present only our selves, the line between John Wingfield
 and William Cock, said Wingfield present, the line between Charles Jones and Wm. Cock,
 said Wingfield present, the lines of John Wingfield said Wingfield pres't, John Cock &
 Daniel Fitzpatrick present, at part of one of these lines, the line between John Wingfield
 deceasd, George Hudson & Cornelius Dabney present Thomas Wingfield, the other Lands
 in our precinct no person appeared, and is not processioned. Signed Wm. Cock and John
  HANOVER COUNTY, VA - CENSUS - 1782 St. Paul's Parish,
 Taxlist Of William Anderson, Jr.
 Starke, John, Senr 2 10
 Starke, Jos 2 3
 Sept. 2, 1790 - Jno. Starke, the elder, of St. Paul, Hanover, to his son
 Joseph Starke 260 a. on Mechump's adj. Henry Watkins, Wm. Cocke, Thos. Wingfield,
 Jno. Wingfield, Jeremiah Pates, Nathan Tinsley.
 p. 28
 June 23, 1784 - Francis Tate of Beaufort District, South Carolina, & Martha,
 his wife, to David Richardson 112 a. in St. Paul, adj. Col. Starke on the head
 of Matidyquin Creek., posted on GenForum by Thomas Blasingame:
 This data was published in the Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA Sunday, March 20, 1904
 This record was taken from the family Bible brought over from England in 1663.
 Admiral Wyatt came to England with William “The Norman” from whom William , Robert, Graffery, Richard in succession to Sir Henry Wyatt, son of Richard who was knighted for bravery and fidelity to his king.
 Sir Thomas Wyatt, son of Sir Henry, Earl of Norfolk, born about 1520 married Elizabeth Prook, daughter of Lord Cobham. Died at Sherborne Oct 11, 1543. Their son, Sir Thomas Wyatt 2nd. Earl of Norfolk born about 1540 married Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas Finch. Their children were:
 1. Sir Francis Wyatt who married Margeret, daughter of Sir Samuel Sandys.
 2. Rev. Haute Wyatt who married (1st) Elizabeth and (2nd) Ann. By Elizabeth, he had 3 children, Thomas, George, Edward. By Ann, he had Ann and John Wyatt.
 3. Eleanor Wyatt
 Capt. John Wyatt married Jennie Paflin 1711. (He was born 1684) Their children were William, born 1713, married Elizabeth Eggleston. Ann, born 1717 married John Stark, Sr. May 25, 1735.
 STARK or STARKE – This history from the Stark family Bible
 1. James and Elizabeth Thornton Starke came from Scotland and settled in Stafford Co. VA. Their son,
 2. Col. John Starke of Hanover Co, VA born 1715 in Scotland died 1782. Married Ann Wyatt, May 25, 1735. Their children, Ann, Elizabeth, John Jr., Wyatt, Lucy, Fannie, Mary, Joseph, Sallie, James, Annie and Thomas.
 3. Thomas Stark, born 1740 died 1794, married Elizabeth Dozier 1760. Their children were William, John, Thomas, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth and Phillip Jones.
 4. Phillip Jones, born May (?), died Jan 17, 1816 married Anna Evans, born, Feb 13, 1779. Married 1792. Their children were Thomas, William and Phoebe.
 5. Phoebe Starke. Born in 1812, died Dec 24, 1865 married Powell Blasingame, born Sept 3, 1804 and died Dec 9, 1895. They married May 8, 1827 in Walton Co, GA. They had several children: Nancy, William, Thomas, Benjamin, Frances, Maggie Eliza, Amanda, Mary and Cicero
  death about 1799 VA according to Diane Stark Sanfillipo is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.