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Marriage: Children:
  1. Zachariah Soule: Birth: BET. 1624 - 22 MAY 1627 in duxbury, MA. Death: BEF. 11 DEC 1663

  2. John Soule: Birth: ABT. 1632 in Plymouth. Death: BEF. 14 NOV 1707 in Duxbury, MA

  3. Nathaniel Soule: Birth: ABT. 1637 in Duxbury, MA. Death: BEF. 12 OCT 1699 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts (BRISTOL)

  4. George Soule: Birth: ABT. 1639 in Duxbury, Mass.. Death: 12 MAY 1704 in Dartmouth, Mass, (Bristol)

  5. Sussannah Soule: Birth: ABT. 1642 in Duxbury, MA. Death: AFT. 1684 in prob. Kingston, RI

  6. Mary Soule: Birth: ABT. 1644 in Duxbury, MA. Death: AFT. 1720 in Plymouth, MA

  7. Elizabeth Soule: Birth: ABT. 1645 in Duxbury, MA. Death: in Likely Middleboro

  8. Patience Soule: Birth: ABT. 1648 in Duxbury, MA. Death: 11 MAR 1705/06 in Middleboro, MA

  9. Benjamin Soule: Birth: ABT. 1651 in Duxbury, MA. Death: 26 MAR 1676 in Pawtucket, RI

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