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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph Hawley: Birth: 12 Nov 1652. Death: BEF 1654

  2. Joseph Hawley: Birth: 7 Jun 1654 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Death: 19 May 1711 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts

  3. Elizabeth Hawley: Death: 1719 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts

  4. Dorothy Hawley: Death: 29 May 1710 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut

Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Hawley: Death: AFT 1669

1. Page:   HR #5, page 2
Source:   S1
2. Title:   The Hawley Record Western Massachusetts: A History: 1636-1925
Page:   page 210
Publication:   Press of E H Hutchinson & Co, Buffalo, New York, 1890 undefined undefined
Source:   S340
Author:   Elias Sill Hawley undefined

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