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Marriage: Children:
  1. Blanche Capet: Birth: 4 Dec 1240. Death: 29 Apr 1243

  2. Isabel Capet: Birth: 2 Mar 1241/1242 in Poissy, Yvelines, France. Death: 28 Jan 1270/1271 in Hieres, France

  3. Louis Capet: Birth: 21 Feb 1243. Death: 11 Jan 1260

  4. Phillip III "the Bold" CAPET: Birth: 1 May 1245 in Chateau De Poissy, Ile de France, France. Death: 5 Oct 1285 in Perpignan, Kingdom of Majorca

  5. Jean Capet: Birth: 1247. Death: 10 Mar 1248

  6. Jean (John) Capet: Birth: 8 Apr 1250 in Damietta, Egypt. Death: 3 Aug 1270 in Tunis, Tunesia

  7. Pierre Capet: Birth: 1251 in Heifa, Holy Land. Death: 5 Apr 1284 in Salerno, Campania, Italy

  8. Blance Capet: Birth: 1253 in Jaffa, Holy Land. Death: 17 Jun 1320 in Convent of the Poor Clares

  9. Marguerite Capet: Birth: 1255. Death: Jul 1271

  10. Robert Capet: Birth: 1256. Death: 7 Feb 1317

  11. Agnes Capet: Birth: 1260 in Chateau De Poissy, Ile de France, France. Death: 19 Dec 1325

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a. Note:   21st g-grandfather of Joan and 26th of Darrell. BIOGRAPHY: Was crowned king of France at age 12 (when his father died). His mother, Blanche, ruled during his minority. As an adult, had many conflicts with some of his nobles and kiing Henry III of England, but he was able to annex the provinces of Normandy, Maine and Provence. He asserted Christian values during his rule and reformed France's legal system. Participating in the 7th and 8th Crusades, he died from dysentery during the latter. He was the only French king to be canonized. For more, see Wikpedia, "Louis IX of France" (DVM, 24 Jun 2015).
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