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Marriage: Children:
  1. Philip VI, King of France: Birth: 1293 in , , Isle-de-France, France. Death: 22 Aug 1350

  2. Joan (Jeanne) de VALOIS: Birth: ABT 1294/1295 in Fontainebleau, Seine-et-Marne, France. Death: 7 Mar 1342 in Fontenelle, Yonne, Bourgogne, France

Marriage: Children:
  1. Joan of VALOIS: Birth: 1304. Death: 7 Jul 1363

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a. Note:   Darrell's 22nd great grandfather and Joan's 20th. He was the third son of Philip III of France and Isabella of Aragon. His mother was a daughter of James I of Aragon and Yolande of Hungary. Yolande was the only daughter of Andrew II of Hungary by his second wife Yolande de Courtney. Charles was the father of Phillip VI, and paternal uncle to three kings ( Louis X, Phillip V, and Charles IV). In 1285 he gained the title of Count of Valois, and Count of Anjou and Maine in 1290. During his life, he unsuccessfully sought the rule of four other kingdoms: Aragon, Sicily, Constantinople and the Holy Roman Empire. [Wikipedia] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.