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Anne Pedersdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1699 in Sor-Sylte Bnr 1,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Anne Pettersdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1894 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1894 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Anne Rasmusdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1834 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Rosthau Plassen,Norway. Death: 1834 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Rosthau Plassen,Norway
Anne Rasmusdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1835 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Rosthau Plassen,Norway.
Anton Olson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1887 in Olagaren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1887 in Olagaren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Anton Petterson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1895 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Aslak Erichsen Sor-Sylte: Birth: DEC 1747 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1830 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Baard Ellingson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1867 in Ellingplassen SS,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1867 in Ellingplassen SS,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Berit Anna Emilie Knutsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1880 in Sor-Sylte Bnr 28,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Berit Eriksdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: MAY 1752 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Berit Karolina Pettersdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1884 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Berit Karoline Pettersdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1880 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1884 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Berit Knutsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1821 in Olagaren SS,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Berit Knutsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1890 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Berit Larsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1821 in Uren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1819 in Vestnes,Romsdal,,Norway
Berit Larsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1764 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Berit Nilsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1795 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1795 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Berit Nilsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1799 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1799 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Berit Nilsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1808 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1808 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Berit Nilsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1819 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Berit Olave Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1860 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1860 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Berit Oline Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1875 in Olagaren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1906 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Berit Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1761 in Andersgarden,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Berit Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1777 in Andersgarden,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Berit Torsteinsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1838 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Birgitte Pedersdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1703 in Sor-Sylte Bnr 1,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Bjorn Anderson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1685 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Andersgarden,Norway. Death: 1738
Borge Ellingson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1659 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Brit Aslaksdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1791 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Brit Eriksdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1852 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Lensmanngaren,Norway.
Brit Jonsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1835 in Andersgarden,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Brit Knutsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1807 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1848 in Rosthau Plassen,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Brit Martinusdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1816 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Brit Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1885 in Olagaren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Brit Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1849 in Olagaren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Brit Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1897 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Lensmanngaren,Norway.
Brit Pettersdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1887 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Edemart Nilson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1873 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: in ,,,USA
Edvard Olson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1864 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Edvart Knutson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1885 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Edvart Rasmusson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1859 in Rasmusplassen SS,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1885 in ,,Romsdal,Norway
Einar Olson Sor-Sylte: Birth: BEF 1861 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Ellend Larson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1690 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Elling Nilson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1800 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1801 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Elling Rasmusson Sor-Sylte: Birth: ABT 1842 in Rosthaua SS,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Emma Knutsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1896 in Sor-Sylte Bnr 28,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Erik Aslakson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1794 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1794 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Erik Aslakson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1806 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Erik Fredrikson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1680 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Erik Nilson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1792/93 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1801 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Erik Nilson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1805 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Nilsgarda,Norway. Death: 1879 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Erik Nilson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1814 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1885
Erik Olafson Sor-Sylte: Birth: ABT 1565 in Sor-Sylte Bnr 1,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1626
Erik Olav Knutson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1881 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1882 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Erik Petterson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1876 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1877 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Erik Petterson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1879 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: in ,,,USA
Erika Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1883 in Lensmanngaren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Fredrik Erikson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1614 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Gjertrud Bjornsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: BEF 1742.
Gjertrud Bjornsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: ABT 1715 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Andersgarden,Norway. Death: 1790
Gjertrud Eriksdatter (Hjartru) Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1858 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Lensmanngaren,Norway. Death: 1950
Gjertrud Nilsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1790 in Nilsgara,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1871 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Gudrun (Gudlaug) Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: AFT 1895 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Gullov Larson (Sor-Sylte) Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1833 in Olagaren SS,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Gullov Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1786 in Andersgarden,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1786 in Andersgarden,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Gulov (Gullau) Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1788 in Sor-Sylte Bnr 1,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1860 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Gulov Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1787 in Sor-Sylte Bnr 1,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1787 in Sor-Sylte Bnr 1,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Gunhild Aslaksdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1789 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Gunhild Eriksdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1759 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1832 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Gunhild Eriksdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: APR 1758 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: AUG 1758 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Gunhild Nilsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1787 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1863 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Gunhild Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1846 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Gura Knutsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1824 in Olagaren SS,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Guri Aslaksdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1795 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Guri Iversdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1752 in Sor-Sylte Bnr 1,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Guri Kristoffersdtr Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1720/1745 in Jordlaus Husm SS,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Guri Larsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1759 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1835 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Guri Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1845 in Olagaren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Gurianna Andersdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1879 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Romsdal,Norway.
Gurianna Sorensdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1854 in Monsplassen SS,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1934 in Kyrkje-Sylte,Tresfjord,More og Romsdal,Norway
Gurine Knutsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1887 in Kjersem?,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Gusta Elise Larsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1863 in Kristiansund,Romsdal,,Norway.
Gyri Olsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1749 in Andersgarden,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Hans Bjornson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1724 in Andersgarden,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: BEF 1801 in Nerem Bnr 8,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Hans Hanson (Land?) Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1788 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1851 in Kyrkje-Sylte,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Hans Hanson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1811 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
Hans Larson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1769 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1858 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway
Hans Olson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1869 in Olagaren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Hans Olson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1852 in Olagaren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1863 in Olagaren,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Helena Helgesdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1864 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: in ,,,USA
Hille Pedersdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1810 in Umunngarden,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1901 in ,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway
Hilmar Johnson Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1877 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: in Superior,Minnesota,,USA
Inga Josefine Ivarsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1898 in Elvebakken SS,Tresfjord,Romsdal,Norway.
Ingeborg Birgitta Eriksdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1869 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,Lensmanngaren,Norway.
Ingeborg Birgitte Nilsdatter Sor-Sylte: Birth: 1804 in Tresfjord,Romsdal,,Norway.
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