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Marriage: Children:
  1. Bastianne Jensdatter Eidem: Birth: 1821 in Sykkylven,Romsdal,,Norway. Death: 1901

  2. Jens Petter Jenson Eidem: Birth: 1823 in Sykkylven,Romsdal,Jenshaugen,Norway. Death: 1890 in Sykkylven,Romsdal,Aurdal,Norway

  3. Ellingine Jensdatter Eidem: Birth: 1828 in Sykkylven,Romsdal,Jenshaugen,Norway. Death: 1828

  4. Karoline Jensdatter Eidem: Birth: 1828 in Sykkylven,Romsdal,Jenshaugen,Norway.

  5. Louise Marie Jensdatter Eidem: Birth: 1830 in Jenshaugen,Sykkylven,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 1921 in Andestad #4,Sykkylven,More og Romsdal,Norway

  6. Peter Olaus Jenson Eidem: Birth: 1832 in Sykkylven,Romsdal,Jenshaugen,Norway.

  7. Jensine Eline Jensdatter Eidem: Birth: ABT 1836 in Jenshaugen,Sykkylven,Romsdal,Norway.

  8. Karl Johan Thomas Jenson Eidem: Birth: 20 MAY 1836 in ,Sykkylven,Romsdal,Norway. Death: 22 FEB 1890 in ,Sykkylven,Romsdal,Norway

  9. Caroline Hanna Jensdatter Eidem: Birth: 1846 in Sykkylven,Romsdal,Jenshaugen,Norway.

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