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 Amos Mefford /Hanks/
B: 4 MAR 1924
P: Glenn Co., CA
M: SEP 1950
P: Reno, Washoe Co., NV
D: 31 JAN 1992
P: Alameda, Alameda Co., CA

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 Ernest Buel /Hanks/
B: SEP 1890
P: Flournoy, Tehama Co., CA
M: 16 JUN 1917
P: Willows, Glenn Co., CA
D: 14 MAY 1935
P: Willows, Glenn Co., CA

 Gladys Hilda /Ball/
B: 6 MAR 1888
P: Iowa
D: 2 JUN 1965
P: San Mateo Co., CA

 Clarence P. /Frager/
B: 2 NOV 1903
P: Alameda Co., CA
M: 1924
D: 16 JAN 1945
P: Alameda Co., CA

 Elexia Norrine /Rose/
B: 5 FEB 1907
P: California
D: 9 FEB 1955
P: Alameda Co., CA

 Daniel Boone /Hanks/
B: 10 SEP 1847
P: Boonesville, KY
M: ABT 1873
P: California
D: 19 APR 1921
P: Tehama Co., CA
 Mary Catherine /Mefford/
B: 8 SEP 1855
P: Hunnewell, MO
D: 27 AUG 1923
P: Flournoy, Tehama Co., CA
 Amos /Ball/
B: 13 MAY 1849
P: Launceston, Cornwall, England
M: 23 JUN 1874
P: Saint Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
D: 1934
P: Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA
 Selinda /Scoble/
B: 24 MAY 1849
P: Devonshire, England
D: 16 JAN 1907
P: Chicago, Cook Co., IL
 Manuel Gonsalves /Frager/
B: 19 OCT 1872
P: California
M: BET 1898 AND 1899
P: Alameda Co., CA
D: 14 SEP 1933
P: Livermore, Alameda Co., CA
 Mary /Enos/
B: NOV 1878
P: California
D: 1930
 Emanuel /Rose/
B: BET 1869 AND 1870
P: Portugal
M: BET 1901 AND 1902
P: California
D: BET 1910 AND 1920
P: Alameda Co., CA
 Nora E. A. /Borge/
B: 21 AUG 1878
P: California
D: 26 SEP 1947
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