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Marriage: Children:
  1. Levi Lowrance: Birth: 1791. Death: BEF 1822

  2. Agnes Lowrance: Birth: 1793.

  3. William Lowrance: Birth: 1795. Death: AFT DEC 1835 in Carroll Co., TN

  4. Hiram Lowrance: Birth: 1797 in NC. Death: BEF 8 SEP 1868 in Prob. Smith Co., TX

  5. Alexander Lowrance: Birth: 20 APR 1810 in Smith Co., TN. Death: 5 SEP 1876 in Carroll Co., TN

  6. Unknown Lowrance: Birth: 1812.

  7. James W. Lowrance: Birth: 10 FEB 1815 in Tennessee.

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Note:   The name of spouse or dates of David's first marriage are unknown.
Biographical sketch from "Lain, Lowrance and Related Families" David Lorance was born about 176, probably in NC. It is known that he lived in NC before moving to Smith Co TN, as census records reveal that some of his children were born in that state. It is not known exactly when he went to Smith Co TN, neither is it known when and from whom he purchased land that he sold 4 April 1811 to Howell Toetum, "on the east Fork of Goose Creek." He may have received a grant of land for Revoluntionary War service, however, as of now, no such record has been found. Yet, the fact that such record has not been located does not necessarily mean that he received no such grant. Many records have been lost when county seats were moved, or courthouses burned, or were perhaps destroyed during the War Between the States. On 16 October 1812, David Lorance deeded land to Levi Lorance, presumed to be his oldest son. It is surmised that Levi Lorance had died before 1820 as his two sons and two daughters were living in the home of William Lorance (1820 census), before any of William's children were born. William was appointed guardian of Levi's children in 1822. The names of these four children are unknown, as the census records did not list individuals until 1850. Besides the above mentioned tract of land, David Lorance also sold on 16 October 1812, 100 acres of land on the East Fork of Goose Creek to Thomas P. Short and John Parker for $400.00. (Deed Book D, 1811-1840, page 40.) While the two tracts of land were a part of Smith County in 1811 and 1812, this area became a part of Trousdale Co in 1870 when that county was formed from Mason, Smith and Wilson counties. A will nor an estate settlement for David Lorance was not found, however records from Minute Book 11, 1824-26 show that he made the following Deeds of Gift: to Alexander Lorance and Agnes Lorance, land, in 1824; to William Lorance, two negroes, Colona and Nelson; to Hiram Lorance, two negroes, Lydia and Dick. Before 1830 these Lorance families were located in Carroll Co Tn, as shown from various census records. In William's family, the 1830 Census shows besides his immediate family, 1 male between 80 and 90 years of age. This would likely be his father, David, or his wife Sarah's father, whose name we do not know. Whichever it was, he was born before 1750, and may have served in the Revoluntionary War. The fact that William Lorance and his family were living in Carroll Co Tn before 1830 is proven by his deed from Henry Crider, dated 9 September 1828. His family consisted of his wife, Sarah; son, Eli Jack, born 1824 in Smith Co; daughter, Eliza Ann, born ca 1826, also in Smith Co; son David G. was born in 1828, so it is uncertain if he was born in Smith or Carroll Co. The youngest child, Sarah Ann, was born in Carroll Co in 1825. ............... David was my 3rd great grandfather. David was married twice. The first wife is still unknown to me, as I have not found any info. on her. The first four children born to David was with his first wife. He didn't marry Sarah until 1804, and the last three children were born to David & Sarah.
David & Sarah left Rowan Co. and settled in Warrick Co., IN in 1815 not long after the birth of James W. Shortly after, in 1816, David died. Sarah remarried after his death, but I have not been to find any records as to whom and when she married. Sub: Karen Nance <> August 26, 2004 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.