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Ada Isabella Berry: Birth: 1907 in Effingham County, Illinois. Death: 6 Sep 1962 in Dodge County, Nebraska
Ada Sarah Berry: Birth: circa 1854 in North Carolina. Death: about 1926 in North Carolina
Ada Berry: Birth: circa 1800 in Bertie County, North Carolina. Death: circa 1839 in South Carolina
Adam C. Berry: Birth: 1901 in Georgia. Death: 1938 in Appomattox County, Virginia
Adam D. Berry: Birth: 8 Aug 1912 in Randolph County, Indiana. Death: 7 Mar 1990 in Indiana
Adam G. Berry: Birth: 1881 in Maryland. Death: 20 Dec 1958 in Hancock County, Ohio
Adam H. Berry: Birth: 27 Oct 1892 in Virginia. Death: 26 Aug 1947 in Macon County, North Carolina
Adam I. Berry: Birth: 1874 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Death: 17 Oct 1940 in North Carolina
Adam J. Berry: Birth: 10 Mar 1846 in Gloucester County, Virginia. Death: during 1846 in Gloucester County, Virginia
Adam James Berry: Birth: 1878 in Missouri. Death: 24 Feb 1958 in Texas
Adam R. Berry: Birth: 1903 in Refugio County, Texas. Death: 1 Apr 1946 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina
Adam Berry: Birth: 1819 in Maryland. Death: 22 Aug 1891 in Virginia
Adam Berry: Birth: circa 1820 in Greensville County, Virginia. Death: 1899 in Charles City County, Virginia
Adam Berry: Birth: 1873 in Virginia. Death: 11 Mar 1949 in Texas
Adam Berry: Birth: 1894 in Sumter County, South Carolina. Death: 9 Nov 1987 in Mason County, West Virginia
Adam Berry: Birth: 1822 in Craven County, North Carolina. Death: 7 Sep 1889 in Pulaski County, Georgia
Adam Berry: Birth: 18 Jun 1884 in Owsley County, Kentucky.
Agnes C. Berry: Birth: 15 Sep 1921 in Kentucky. Death: 21 Jul 1993 in Fayette County, Alabama
Agnes E. Berry: Birth: about 1846 in North Carolina. Death: about 1896 in Bath County, North Carolina
Agnes Helen Berry: Birth: about 1854 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Death: about 1928 in Texas
Agnes J. Berry: Birth: 1878 in Virginia.
Agnes R. Berry: Birth: 1913 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Death: 16 Mar 1956 in Ross County, Ohio
Agnes Berry: Birth: circa 1825 in Bertie County, North Carolina. Death: about 1825 in North Carolina
Agnes Berry: Birth: 22 Jan 1845 in New Jersey.
Agnes Berry: Birth: about 1870 in Maryland. Death: 5 Oct 1933 in Tennessee
Agnes Berry: Birth: 1889 in Virginia. Death: 16 Apr 1944 in Stark County, Ohio
Agnes Berry: Birth: 7 Jul 1884 in Amelia County, Virginia.
Albert Barton Berry: Birth: 1888 in Virginia. Death: 23 Jun 1941 in Oconee County, Georgia
Albert G. Berry: Birth: 1879 in Pitt County, North Carolina. Death: 28 Sep 1957 in Noble County, Ohio
Albert G. Berry: Birth: about 1883 in Indiana. Death: 6 Dec 1945 in Winneshiek County, Iowa
Albert H. Berry: Birth: circa 1891 in Virginia. Death: 17 Jun 1956 in Pennsylvania
Albert Jacob Berry: Birth: during 1865 in Pulaski County, Georgia. Death: circa 1865 in Georgia
Albert L. Berry: Birth: about 1866 in North Carolina. Death: during 1904 in Georgia
Albert M. Berry: Birth: 1885 in Georgia.
Albert Warner Berry: Birth: 9 Jan 1895 in Smith County, Kansas. Death: 8 Jan 1945 in Missouri
Albert Berry: Birth: about 1799 in North Carolina. Death: circa 1889 in North Carolina
Albert Berry: Birth: 1872 in Virginia. Death: 26 Aug 1932 in Grant County, Kentucky
Albert Berry: Birth: 4 Apr 1822 in Halifax County, North Carolina. Death: 1862 in Randolph County, Indiana
Albert Berry: Birth: 26 Aug 1884 in Virginia. Death: 24 Mar 1961 in Whitfield County, Georgia
Alexander A. Berry: Birth: 1851 in North Carolina. Death: 1913 in Charles City County, Virginia
Alexander B. Berry: Birth: 2 Dec 1890 in Northampton County, North Carolina. Death: during 1927 in Ohio
Alexander Clarke Berry: Birth: 31 Mar 1913 in Virginia. Death: 5 Jul 1986 in Ross County, Ohio
Alexander F. Berry: Birth: 12 Aug 1879 in Washington County, Georgia. Death: 18 Jul 1922 in Clark County, Indiana
Alexander M. Berry: Birth: 14 Feb 1893 in Georgia. Death: 15 Nov 1945 in Hall County, Georgia
Alexander P. Berry: Birth: 7 Jul 1901 in Georgia. Death: 13 Oct 1973 in Bracken County, Kentucky
Alexander Porter Berry: Birth: about 1854 in Indiana. Death: 1911 in Kentucky
Alexander Berry: Birth: 9 Sep 1858 in Tennessee.
Alexander Berry: Birth: 1899 in North Carolina. Death: 3 Nov 1972 in Morgan County, West Virginia
Alfred D. Berry: Birth: 26 Jul 1879 in North Carolina. Death: 26 Nov 1961 in Georgia
Alfred D. Berry: Birth: 1864 in North Carolina. Death: 14 Mar 1909 in Tennessee
Alfred F. Berry: Birth: 1901 in Kentucky. Death: 17 Dec 1938 in Randolph County, Indiana
Alfred H. Berry: Birth: about 1864 in North Carolina. Death: 1911 in Georgia
Alfred H. Berry: Birth: 1888 in Northampton County, North Carolina. Death: 29 Sep 1973 in Meigs County, Ohio
Alfred J. Berry: Birth: 1876 in Virginia. Death: 30 Sep 1929 in Perry County, Tennessee
Alfred L. Berry: Birth: 22 May 1875 in North Carolina. Death: 1929 in Virginia
Alfred P. Berry: Birth: 30 Jun 1872 in Virginia. Death: 17 Aug 1933 in Lincoln County, North Carolina
Alfred P. Berry: Birth: 1900 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Death: 25 Oct 1963 in Northampton County, North Carolina
Alfred Ralph Berry: Birth: about 1886 in Lancaster County, Virginia. Death: 31 Aug 1960 in Richland County, South Carolina
Alfred S. Berry: Birth: 3 Nov 1905 in Kentucky. Death: 13 Dec 1976 in Wayne County, Tennessee
Alfred Snider Berry: Birth: 21 Dec 1856 in Amelia County, Virginia. Death: 14 Dec 1937 in Amelia County, Virginia
Alfred W. Berry: Birth: circa 1883 in Maryland. Death: 25 Feb 1957 in Scott County, Tennessee
Alfred Berry: Birth: during 1828 in Hanover County, Virginia. Death: 22 Jul 1907 in Arkansas
Alfred Berry: Birth: 1873 in Washington County, District of Columbia. Death: 23 Aug 1959 in Ross County, Ohio
Alfred Berry: Birth: circa 1828 in Virginia.
Alfred Berry: Birth: 1858 in Indiana. Death: 3 Feb 1922 in Tennessee
Alice B. Berry: Birth: 14 Mar 1905 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Death: 26 May 1958 in Georgia
Alice E. Berry: Birth: 8 Jun 1868 in Camden County, North Carolina. Death: 30 Jan 1925 in South Carolina
Alice E. Berry: Birth: 1842 in Johnston County, North Carolina. Death: 22 Jan 1930 in Randolph County, Indiana
Alice H. Berry: Birth: 26 Apr 1898 in Georgia. Death: 9 Feb 1991 in Appomattox County, Virginia
Alice J. Berry: Birth: 1891 in Northampton County, North Carolina. Death: 10 Aug 1951 in Durham County, North Carolina
Alice M. Berry: Birth: 1886 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.
Alice M. Berry: Birth: about 1859 in Amelia County, Virginia. Death: 1912 in Virginia
Alice R. Berry: Birth: 29 Aug 1907 in Sumter County, South Carolina. Death: 24 Sep 1942 in Mason County, West Virginia
Alice S. Berry: Birth: 8 Dec 1881 in Halifax County, Virginia. Death: 30 Apr 1944 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee
Alice S. Berry: Birth: 1897 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Death: 6 Dec 1980 in Estill County, Kentucky
Alice Berry: Birth: 1878 in New Jersey. Death: 27 Mar 1931 in Buckingham County, Virginia
Alice Berry: Birth: circa 1814 in Greensville County, Virginia. Death: 11 May 1876 in South Carolina
Alice Berry: Birth: 1867 in Northampton County, North Carolina. Death: 6 Nov 1930 in Lancaster County, Virginia
Amanda Christina Berry: Birth: 8 Dec 1883 in Blount County, Tennessee. Death: 20 Dec 1944 in Kentucky
Amanda F. Berry: Birth: 1901 in North Carolina. Death: 5 Nov 1960 in Union County, Tennessee
Amanda Frances Berry: Birth: 18 Jul 1850 in Virginia. Death: 1908 in Washington County, Virginia
Amanda Henrietta Berry: Birth: 2 Dec 1882 in North Carolina. Death: 15 Sep 1965 in Russell County, Virginia
Amanda I. Berry: Birth: 1897 in Virginia. Death: 26 Feb 1962 in Ashland County, Wisconsin
Amanda Josephine Berry: Birth: 1873 in Virginia. Death: 9 Aug 1952 in Wetzel County, Virginia
Amanda L. Berry: Birth: circa 1864 in North Carolina.
Amanda L. Berry: Birth: 4 Jun 1874 in Maryland.
Amanda N. Berry: Birth: 25 Apr 1900 in Virginia. Death: 29 Mar 1974 in Burke County, North Carolina
Amanda Sally Berry: Birth: 1876 in Virginia. Death: 13 Jul 1956 in Wake County, North Carolina
Amanda V. Berry: Birth: about 1900 in Owsley County, Kentucky. Death: 9 Jun 1968 in Wayne County, Tennessee
Amanda Berry: Birth: 1858 in North Carolina. Death: 11 Jun 1949 in Northampton County, North Carolina
Andrew A. Berry: Birth: 27 Oct 1893 in North Carolina. Death: 19 Dec 1972 in Georgia
Andrew Adam Berry: Birth: about 1910 in Virginia. Death: 2 Feb 1967 in Kentucky
Andrew B. Berry: Birth: about 1925 in Kentucky. Death: 19 May 1984 in Georgia
Andrew Dillard Berry: Birth: 29 Jul 1880 in North Carolina. Death: 1916 in Telfair County, Georgia
Andrew Lewis Berry: Birth: 1861 in Greene County, Tennessee. Death: 1861 in Tennessee
Andrew Paul Berry: Birth: 1 Feb 1900 in Tennessee. Death: 10 Oct 1935 in Rhea County, Tennessee
Andrew R. Berry: Birth: 4 Jul 1890 in Texas. Death: 25 Feb 1963 in Madison County, Kentucky
Andrew R. Berry: Birth: 1888 in Kentucky. Death: 5 Jul 1978 in Clay County, Alabama
Andrew Robert Berry: Birth: during 1837 in New Jersey. Death: 3 Sep 1839 in New Jersey
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