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  1. John Elisha Withee: Birth: 20 OCT 1876.

  2. Joseph Richard Withee: Birth: 16 JUN 1879.

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The ancestors of Maria Nash came from the southeast part of Ireland. Before 1300 A.D. the name was spelled "Nass." To make room for one of Queen Elizabeth's favorites, the Nashes left Ireland and came to Machias, Maine, then moved closer to the oc ean at Machaisport. In 1849, Elisha nash sailed around Cape Horn and up the coast to San Francisco, right into the gold rush in which he spent three years prospecting. He traveled back overland to Maine. On the way he heard of the rich farm land s in Minnesota and decided to move there. He sold out in Maine, loaded his household goods on two wagons and drove across to the Ohio River, then down to the Mississippi, up to St. Paul, and then to Glencoe where he took a claim and built a home , later known to his descendants as the Nash farms home. The neighbors helped built the place in Glencoe as a fort. The house, 16 x 26, of white oak logs, 8 inches thick and 14 feet to the eaves. The barn and shop, each 12 x 18, were of elm logs. They were set in a triangle so that each building covere d two sides of the other, leaving only one side open. When he was warned of an Indian attack, by an Indian friend, Other Day, he found himself with four women and a 12 year old boy. He loaded the wagons and went to Fort Ridgely and when that was threatened, to Fort Snelling. Here his daughter Mari a Bartlett Nash became a nurse and met John F. Withee whom she married. The Indians had made a weak attack on the farm, and the repulse at Hutchinson disheartened them so they withdrew. In later years, Joseph Richard Withee and his brother, grandsons of Elisha Nash, dug several bullets out of the farm buildings. The y were round, about 1/2 inch in diameter, and some had been chewed to make a more tearing wound. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.