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  1. John Washington: Birth: BET. 1465 - 1478 in Tewhitefield, Lancaster, England. Death: AFT. 1528

1. Title:   Burke's Peerage of American Presidents
Author:   Lineage of President Washington
2. Title:   Presidents Database: Genealogy of the US Presidents
Note:   NS240261 NS240263
Publication:   based on book "The Presidents", pub. by Funk & Wagnall's
Author:   Brian Tompsett, Computer Science Dept, University of Hull (England)
3. Title:   Washington Ancestry & Records of McClain, Johnson & Forty Other Colonial American Families
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Publication:   Chart: The Ancestry of Mourning Adams Garner, pp 54-55, Vol I
4. Title:   World Family Tree Volume 7 Tree # 2444
Publication:   Br�derbund BannerBlue Division
5. Title:   World Family Tree Volume 5 Tree # 1330
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