/Clothaire I King of of Franks
        /Chilperic I de SOISSONS
       |    \Waltrude de lombardie
    /Clothaire II Roi de Neustria et FRANKS
   |   |    /Brunulphe. Earl of Cambresis
   |    \Fredegunde Cambresis Neustria
   |        \Chotechilde Ostrogoths
Dagobert I The Great King Of Austrasia
   |        /Betton Norbleman of Orleans
   |    /Ricomere Patrician of Burgondie
   |   |    \Austregilde AIGA
    \Beretrudis Queen of FRANCONIA
       |    /Ausbert Vanbertus Ansbertus of France
        \Gertrudis FRANCONIA
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