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Ricomere Patrician of Burgondie: Birth: Abt 555 in Of,Franconia,Germany. Death: Aft 605
Chilperich II King of the Burgundians: Birth: 450. Death: BET. 492 - 516
GUNDOBAD, King of the Burgundians: Birth: 460. Death: 516
BURGUNDY: Birth: <466> in <,,Westphalia,Germany>.
Adelaide de Burgundy: Birth: 849 in of,,Burgundy,France. Death: 921
Adelaide of BURGUNDY: Birth: Abt 905 in Burgundy (Franch Comte'). Death: Abt 932 in Belgium?
Agnes Countess Of BURGUNDY: Birth: 995 in Bourgogne,France. Death: 10 NOV 1068
Alice de Burgundy: Birth: Abt 880.
Alice Helia Countess of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 1090 in Normandy,France. Death: 28 FEB 1142
Alix Of , Duchess Of Brabant Burgundy: Birth: Abt 1238 in ,Bourgogne. Death: 1273
AMADEUS, Count of Burgundy: Birth: 809. Death: 860
Anne, Princess of Burgundy: Birth: 1405. Death: 14 NOV 1432
Ansgarde Of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 848.
Beatrix Of BURGUNDY: Birth: Abt 1200 in <Burgundy,France>. Death: 12 APR 1260
BERTA de BURGUNDY: Birth: 1000.
BERTHA Princess of Burgundy: Birth: 969. Death: 1016
Bodilon of Burgundy: Birth: 615 in AUSTRASIA,FRANCE.
Carloman King of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 751 in of Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia. Death: 4 DEC 771 in Samoucy,Aisne,France
Childebert II Austrasia and Burgundy: Birth: 570.
CHILPERIC II, King of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 450 in Bourgogne,France. Death: 486 in ,,France
Chilperic, King of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 445 in Burgundy. Death: 504
CHLOTILDE, Princess of Burgundy: Birth: 492 in ,,Bourgogne,France. Death: 3 JUN 545 in ST. MARTIN,TOURS,FRANCE
Conrad II de Burgundy: Birth: 825 in ,Burgundy,France. Death: Abt 887
Conrad of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 800 in of Burgundy,France. Death: 21 SEP 862 in ? Burgundy
Conrad, King of burgundy: Birth: 925 in Arles,Bouches-Du-Rhone,France. Death: 19 OCT 993 in France
Constance of Burgundy: Birth: 1046 in of,Dijon,Cote d'Or,France. Death: FEB 1093 in Castile - wife of Alfonso VI
Ermengard of Burgundy: Birth: 908.
Ermengarde de Burgundy: Birth: Abt 883 in of,,,France. Death: Bef APR 935
Ermengarde of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 840. Death: 921
Ermentrude de Burgundy: Birth: Abt 1060 in Of,,Bourgogne,France. Death: 8 MAR 1105
Estienne Estevenon Auxonne Et Autun BURGUNDY: Birth: 1170 in <Vienne,Vienne,France>. Death: 1236
Eudes II Burgundy: Birth: Abt 1115 in Bourgogne,France. Death: 27 SEP 1162
Eudes III Of , Duke Of Burgundy Burgundy: Birth: 1166 in Bourgogne,France. Death: 6 JUL 1218 in Lyon,France
Gerberge Countess Of Burgundy: Birth: 986 in Bourgogne,France. Death: 1023
Gerberge Countess Of BURGUNDY: Birth: Abt 952.
Gerberge Princess of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 967 in Bourgogne. Death: 1017 in Swabia
GIBICA, King of Burgundy: Birth: 310.
GIOLAHAIRE, King of Burgundy: Birth: 360.
Gislebert Duke of Burgundy: Birth: 890 in France.
Godegesil BURGUNDY: Birth: <464> in <,,Westphalia,Germany>.
Godigisel, King of Burgundy: Birth: in Of Geneva. Death: 504
GODOMAR, King of Burgundy: Birth: 335.
GODWGESIL, Duke of Burgundy: Birth: 477.
GUNDERIC, King of Burgundy: Birth: 436. Death: 473
GUNDICAIRE, King of Burgundy: Birth: 385. Death: 436
Gundioc, King of Burgundy: Death: Abt 473
Gundobad BURGUNDY: Birth: <462> in <,,Westphalia,Germany>.
GUNDOBAD, King of Burgundy: Death: BET. 508 - 516
GUNDOMAR, Duke of Burgundy: Birth: 479.
GUNDOMAR, King of Burgundy: Death: Abt 470
GUNTRAM, King of Burgundy: Birth: 537.
Henri Duke Of BURGUNDY: Birth: CIR 1035 in ,Bourgogne,,France. Death: 27 JAN 1066 in France
Henri I Duke Of BURGUNDY: Birth: 946 in ,,,France. Death: 15 OCT 1001/1002
Hugh IV of burgundy: Birth: 9 MAR 1212/1213 in Bourgogne,France. Death: 27 OCT 1272 in Villaines-en-Duismois,France
HUGH THE BLACK', Duke of Burgundy: Birth: 860. Death: 952
Hugues III Duke Of BURGUNDY: Birth: 1148 in Of,,Bourgogne,France. Death: 25 AUG 1192 in ,Tyrus,,Jerusalem
Joan of Burgundy: Death: 1346
John Count de BURGUNDY: Birth: Abt 1225 in Burgundy. Death: in France - Count of Bourbon
Konrad II of Burgundy: Birth: 835 in BOURGOGNE,FRANCE.
Latinus Duke in Burgundy: Birth: Abt 465.
Luitgard Duchess Of BURGUNDY: Birth: 926.
Mathilde of burgundy: Birth: 965. Death: UNKNOWN
Otto Eudes Duke Of BURGUNDY: Birth: 944 in ,,,France. Death: 22 FEB 965
Raymond of BURGUNDY: Birth: Abt 1070 in Burgundy,France. Death: 26 MAR 1107 in Grajal,Spain
Renaud I Count Palatine Of BURGUNDY: Birth: Abt 990 in Bourgogne,France. Death: 3 SEP 1057 in Bourgogne,France
RICHARD, Duke of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 860 in BURGUNDY,FRANCE. Death: 1 SEP 921 in Auxerre
Robert II Of , Duke Of Burgundy Burgundy: Birth: 1248. Death: 21 MAR 1305/1306 in Vernon-sur-Seine,france
Rudolph I Duke of Burgundy: Birth: 847 in Burgundy France. Death: 6 OCT 911 in Juran,Burgundy - Rudolf the 1st
Rudolph II King of Burgundy: Birth: Abt 897 in Burgundy France. Death: 11 AUG 937 in France - King of Burgundy
SUAVEGOTTA, Princess of Burgundy: Birth: 500.
WALDRADA, princess of Burgundy: Birth: 889 in Bourgogne,FRANCE.
Willa de Burgundy: Birth: 906 in Tuscany. Death: 940
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Oliver Clinton Burkholder: Birth: 30 NOV 1888. Death: 20 JAN 1964
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Caroline #2 W. Burleigh: Birth: Abt 1820 in Sandwich,Carroll Co,NH. Death: 13 SEP 1873
Julia #1 A. Burleigh: Birth: Abt 1817 in Sandwich,Carroll Co,NH. Death: NOV 1838
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Johanna Burleton: Birth: 1488.
Sarah Burlingame: Death: Bef 1880
Cassandra BURNELL: Birth: 30 MAR 1598 in Kingswinford,,Staffordshire,England. Death: 1660 in Shelter Island,Long Island,New York

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