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Marriage: Children:
  1. Otto III von Of Schweinfurt: Birth: Abt 1000 in Schweinfurt?,Unterfranken,Bavaria. Death: 28 SEP 1057

  2. Elika von Schweinfurt: Birth: Abt 1004 in Of,Schweinfurt,Untrfranken,Bavaria. Death: Aft 1055

  3. Judith Princess Von Schweinfurt: Birth: Abt 1007 in Schweinfurth,Unterfranken,Bavaria. Death: 2 AUG 1058

  4. Maria of Sualafeld: Birth: 1009. Death: 1058

  5. Burkhard Von SCHWEINFURT: Birth: Abt 1011 in <Schweinfurth,Underfranken,Bavaria>. Death: Abt 1059

  6. Miss Von Schweinfurt: Birth: Abt 1011 in Schweinfurth,Unterfranken,Bavaria.

  7. Heinrich I Count Pegnitz: Birth: Abt 1015 in Schweinfurt,Unterfranken,Bavaria. Death: Aft 1043

  8. Henry von Schweinfurt: Birth: Bef 1021. Death: Aft 1043

1. Text:   B000026 - "Royal Lineages" website.

a. Note:   GIVN Heinrich Marrave of The Nordgau & SURN Schweinfurt AFN 9HMC-ZS STAT LIVE !BIRTH-SPOUSE-CHILDREN: Ancestral File; ; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, CD-ROM dated 21 Aug 1992, Information submitted by...; St George Regional Family History Center/FamilySearch Home Field Trial, searched Jan 1995; according to notes, Henry was 'Murgrave of Schweinfurt' !Ancestry of Thomas Bradbury by Threlfall p.R-26b; Royal Ancestors....11573 #6 !6th Ed. Ancestral Roots line 149-22 DATE 1 JAN 2000 TIME 21:21:17
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