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Ide De Fouron: Birth: Abt 1070.
Judith De Fouvent: Birth: Abt 940.
Adele De France: Birth: Abt 1004 in France (House of Capet VI Gen.). Death: 8 JAN 1079 in Flanders - Wife of Baldwin V
Elisabeth Ou Isabelle De France: Birth: Abt 1117.
Florent Ou Floris De France: Birth: Abt 1093. Death: Abt 1147
Judith de France: Birth: Abt 844. Death: Aft 870
Matilda de Franche: Birth: CIR 1060. Death: Aft 1103
John de Fremingham(ton): Birth: 1444.
PAYN De FRETEVAL: Birth: 992. Death: 1040
Geila De Frioul: Birth: Abt 590.
Gisulf II De Frioul: Birth: Abt 565. Death: 610
Gisulf De Frioul: Birth: 520. Death: 571
Grasulf Ier De Frioul: Birth: Abt 540. Death: Aft 581
Alice De Friston: Birth: Abt 1185. Death: 1247
Robert De Friston: Birth: Abt 1145.
William De Friston: Birth: Abt 1165.
GISULF DE FRIULI: Birth: Abt 522 in Friuli,Germany. Death: 610 in Friuli,Germany
HAWISE DE FRIULI: Birth: Abt 854. Death: 936
Henry de Frowicke: Birth: Abt 1230.
Laurence de Frowicke: Birth: Abt 1200 in Frowick Manor,England. Death: 1277 in England
Ralph De Fultby: Birth: Abt 1160 in England.
Christine de Furnival: Birth: Abt 1323 in Munden Furnival,Herts,ENG. Death: JAN 1442/1443
Gerard DE FURNIVAL: Birth: 1122.
Gerard De Furnival: Birth: Abt 1243 in Munden Furnival,Herts,ENG. Death: 1290 in (Unknown),Austria-Hungary
Gerard De Furnival: Birth: Abt 1210 in (Unknown),ENG. Death: Aft 1265 in (Unknown),Austria-Hungary
Gerard De FURNIVAL: Birth: Abt 1175. Death: 1219 in Jerusalem,Israel
Gerard De FURNIVAL: Birth: Abt 1148 in Normandy.
Sarah de Furnival: Birth: Abt 1220.
Thomas de Furnival: Birth: 1265.
Unknown de Furnival: Birth: Abt 1285 in (Unknown),ENG.
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Aline DE GAI: Birth: Abt 1159.
Philip Fitz Robert de Gai: Birth: Abt 1122.
Margaret De Galloway: Birth: 1145. Death: UNKNOWN
Henry Castellan De Gand: Birth: Abt 1005 in Of Bourboucy,France. Death: Abt 1152
Theodric De Gand: Birth: 956 in Gand,Flanders,Belgium.
Mathilda de Ganelon: Birth: 975.
ADALBERT De GANT: Birth: 983 in Gand,Flanders,Belgium. Death: 1032
Emma de GANT: Birth: Abt 1071 in Of,Folkingham,Lincolnshire,England.
Filia De Gant: Birth: 1070 in Normandy,France.
FOLCARD De GANT: Birth: 1015. Death: 1080
Agnes DE GARLANDE: Birth: Abt 1095 in Garlande,France. Death: 1181 in 1143
Adele de Gastanais: Birth: 844 in Tours,France.
John De Gatesbury: Birth: Abt 1380. Death: 1430
Mary De Gatesbury: Birth: 1429 in Sheering,Essex,England. Death: UNKNOWN
Geoffrey De Gatinais
Hildegarde De Gatinais: Birth: Abt 1041 in Anjou,France. Death: UNKNOWN
Geoffrey Count de Gatinois: Birth: Abt 1000 in Chateau Landon,Seine-et-Marne,France. Death: 1 APR 1046 in Anjou,France
Elizabeth De Gatton: Birth: Abt 1279 in Gatton,K,England.
Sybella De Gatton: Birth: Abt 1100.
Agnes De Gaunt: Birth: Abt 1128 in Ghent,Belgium.
Agnes de Gaunt: Birth: Est 1085 in Halton,Cheshire,England.
Alice de Gaunt: Birth: 1120.
Gilbert de Gaunt: Death: 1241
Gilbert de Gaunt: Birth: Abt 1048 in Of,,Flanders,France. Death: 1094 in Lincolnshire,England
Gilbert de Gaunt: Death: 1160
Nichola de Gaunt: Death: 1284
Walter de Gaunt: Birth: Abt 1090 in Ghent,Belgium. Death: 1138
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Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
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Amy De Gaveston: Birth: 6 JAN 1312.
Ernaud De Gaveston: Birth: 1250.
Piers De Gaveston: Birth: 1282. Death: 19 JUN 1312
Ida Ramona de Geilin: Birth: 1002. Death: UNKNOWN
Hellingburche de gellone: Birth: Abt 800.
Willaim de gellone: Birth: Abt 752.
Gerald De Genevre: Birth: 942.
Rotrude De Germanie: Birth: 836. Death: 882
Hodierna De Gernon: Birth: Abt 1212 in Of,Galway,Galway,Ireland.
John De Gernon: Birth: 1274 in Launton,Oxford,England. Death: UNKNOWN
Margaret De Gernon: Birth: 1304 in Launton,Oxford,England. Death: UNKNOWN
Matthew De Gernon: Birth: 1090 in Normandy,France. Death: UNKNOWN
Ralph De Gernon: Birth: 1221 in Bakewell,Derbyshire,England. Death: UNKNOWN
Ralph De Gernon: Birth: 1160 in Stansted,Essex,England. Death: UNKNOWN
Ralph De Gernon: Birth: 1124 in Stansted,Essex,England. Death: UNKNOWN
Robert de Gernon: Birth: Abt 1190.
William De Gernon: Birth: 1248 in Cambridgeshire,England. Death: UNKNOWN
William De Gernon: Birth: 1190 in Stansted,Essex,England. Death: UNKNOWN
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Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Elisabeth De Gien: Birth: Abt 1085.
Geoffroy De Gien: Birth: Abt 1060. Death: Aft 1126
Haymon De Gien: Birth: Abt 1035.
DULCE, Countess of Provence De GIEVAUDUN: Birth: 1095 in PROVENCE,FRANCE. Death: 1130
RICHARD De GIEVAUDUN: Birth: 1003 in of,Rodes,Pyrenees Orienta,France. Death: 1051
Berenquela Gonzales De Giron: Birth: 1186 in Toledo New Castle Spain.
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Ellen * De Gisburn: Birth: Abt 1338.
John De Gisburn: Birth: Abt 1336.
Maud de GLANDVILLE: Birth: 1159 in Bowsley,Antley,Suffolk,England. Death: Aft 1195
Agnes de GLANVILLE: Birth: <1101> in <Eye,Surry,England>.

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