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  1. Dagobert I The Great King Of Austrasia: Birth: Abt 602 in Metz,Austrasia,France. Death: BET 19 Jan 636 in St Denis Abbey,Paris,France

  2. Charibert II de Neustria: Birth: 608. Death: 631

a. Continued:   NSFX Signed the "Perpetual Constitution" TYPE Book AUTH Stuart, Roderick W. PERI Royalty for Commoners EDTN 3d PUBL Genealogical Publishing co., Inc, Baltimore, MD (1998) ISB 0-8063-1561-X TEXT 303-48 ACED DATE 613 - 628 DATE 19 MAY 2000
REFR DATE 0584 PLAC King of Franks RETO DATE 0628 RELI Reign: 613-628 OCCU King of the FranksChlothar II of the Franks, King of the FranksAcceded: 584Died: 629Notes:King of Neustria.Father: , Chilperic I of the Franks, King of the FranksMother: , FredegundChild 1: , MerovechChild 2: , Dagobert I of the Franks, King of the FranksChild 3: , Charibert II of the Franks, King of the FranksReturn to the master surname alphabetic index.Return to the index for this person.Return to the home page for royal data.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 14 Feb 99 Author: Brian Tompsett Sources: bibliographyQuestion?: FAQ c 1994-99 DATE 27 AUG 1999
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