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  1. St Arnoul Arnulf Bishop Metz: Birth: Abt 13 AUG 582 in of,Heristal,Austrasia,France. Death: 16 AUG 641 in ..As Mayor of Pavia?

  2. Itte Of Metz: Birth: Abt 587 in Landen,Liege,Belgium. Death: 8 MAY 652 in Nivelles,Brabant,Belgium

a. Note:   GIVN Oda (Swabian Lady) De SURN Savoy NSFX ** ! ! RELATIONSHIP: Patron, H. Reed Black, is 38th G G Son.
GIVN Oda de SURN Savoy Ancestry and Progeny of Captain James Blount - Inmigrant. by RobertFfafman p. E- 26.
DATE 2 APR 1999
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