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  1. Dorothy Francis McCue: Birth: 19 Dec 1911. Death: 8 Feb 1971

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1. Title:   The Fry Family History
Page:   Received by E-Mail from Jackie Fry
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 The Fry Line: Generation #1: John Daniel Fry and wife Catherine Maria Grob-Krupp Generation #2: Abraham Fry and wife Susana Ginther Generation #3: Samuel Fry and (first) wife Sarah Simmers Generation #4: Enoch Fry and (first) wife Henriette Harriet Demuth Generation #5: George Washington Fry and wife Mary Wilhelm-Freed Generation #6: Corwin Fry and wife Arrea Alice Cowden Generation #7: Jackie Corwin Fry and wife Rosemary Dorothy Gentzen Generation #8: Gregory David, Corwin Daniel, Jacqueline Dawn (Me)
  This genealogy report is more of a collaboration of several sources that have done more research than me. Those sources will be named throughout as footnotes along with notes on things that I have discovered on my own; I will be focusing on what I have discovered through my own research. I found a notebook my grandfather used when he started his research in 1974 and continued with my own starting in 1991. In as much as I want to thank those sources that have helped me I would like to thank my paternal grandfather, Corwin Fry who started his genealogical journey just two years after I was born. He is the one that got me hooked on genealogy and my wanting to solve the mystery of my family history.
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