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  2. Winston Kenneth Goheen: Birth: 20 OCT 1930 in Hamilton Twp., Northumberland Co., Ontario. Death: 14 JAN 1949 in Hamilton Twp., Northumberland Co., Ontario

1. Title:   Ontario Archives, Record Type: Microfilm
2. Title:   Tombstone Inscription
3. Title:   CEMSearch Database
4. Title: GEDCOM File
5. Title:   Ontario Archives, Record Type: Microfilm
Page:   #015739-1925

a. Note:   Charlotte Helen Cairns per marr. reg'n.
b. Note:   . Per Alan E. Richards GEDCOM.
Note:   Date 1902 per Memorial. Date 1903 & location Campbellford per marr. reg'n
c. Note:   Date 1992 per Memorial. Per Burial
d. Note:   irns 1902 - 1992; Sister - Cora Blanche 1892 - 1974; Sister - Lillian Smith 1905 - 2003; Sister - Sarah Doretta 1894 - 1998 (Bethel Grove Cemetery, Hamilton Twp., July 15, 2006) CEMSearch: Name: Helen Goheen; Maiden: Cairns; Born: 1902; Died: 1992; Notes: Wife of Raymond Goheen; Buried: Bethel Grove Cemetery, Hamilton Twp.; Other names: Cora Blanche Goheen (1892-1974), Lillian Smith (Goheen) (1905- ), Raymond Goheen (1897-1991)
Note:   Memorial: (See Exhibit) GOHEEN; Rayomd William 1897 - 1991; Wife Helen Ca
e. Note:   orn: Hamilton Twp.; Status: bachelor; Occ.: student; Rel.: Bapt.; Parents: W. H. Goheen, b. Hamilton Twp. & Elizabeth Beggs; Bride: Charlotte Helen Cairns; Age: 22; Res. & Born: Campbellford; Status: spinster; Rel.: Bapt.; Parents: James Wolseley Cairns. b. Burford, Ont. & Mary Peark Kimball; Expected Res.: Campbellford; Wit.: Winifred H. Goheen, RR2, Port Hope & Kenneth S. Cairns, Campbellford; Date: Jun 30 1925; Place: Campbellford; Performed by: Edmund D. Ford, Campbellford, Bapt.; Sworn: Port Hope, Jun 27 1925; Reg'r.: J. W. Sanders, Port Hope (Ontario Marriage Registration, #015739-1925,
Note:   Marriage Reg'n.#015739: Groom: Raymond William Goheen; Age: 27; REs.: & B is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.