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1. Page:   009745 - 1877
Source:   S12
2. Source:   S15
3. Title:   Ontario Death Registrations, Record Type: microfilm, Name Of Person: Ontario Archives Tombstone Inscription CEMSearch Database
Source:   S39

a. Note:   OC Date, see Thomas Goheen
b. Note:   Per Death Reg'n. Per Loyalists in Ontario, Ontario Registry CD
c. Note:   : farmer; Born: State of Vermont, U.S.A.; Cause: appoplexy, 12 hours; Dr. L. B. Powers; Informant: William Goheen, Port Hope; Reg'd: 3 Dec 1877; Meth.;Reg'r: N. V. Sanders
Note:   Death Reg'n: Name: Samuel Goheen; Age: 85; Died: 1 Dec 1877; Occupation
d. Note:   76; Aged: 34 yrs; Samuel Goheen; Died Dec. 1, 1877; Aged: 85 yrs (Port Hope Union Cemetery, July 23, 2006) CEMSearch: Name: Samuel Goheen; Born: - ; Died: 1877-12-01; Age: 85y; Notes: Born: Hamilton Twp., died of old age; Buried: Port Hope Union Cemetery, Port Hope; Other names: Jane Goheen ( -1876), Jesse Goheen ( -1886), John A. Goheen (1851-1928), Letitia Ann Goheen (Clark) (1860-1941), Margaret Matilda Goheen (1849-1933), Mary Ann Goheen (Rubridge) ( -1887), Rebecca Goheen (1845-1915), Thomas Henry Goheen (1838-1925), Walter Goheen ( -1893), William Jesse Goheen (1847-1927)
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