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1. Title:   1851 Canada Census, Record Type: microfilm
2. Title:   Ontario Archives, Record Type: Microfilm
3. Title:   1861 Canada Census, Record Type: microfilm

a. Note:   Helen Maria Platt per marr. reg'n.
b. Note:   51 Census. Date 1848 & location Percy Twp. per marr. reg'n.
Note:   Date 1846 & location UC per 1861 Census. Date 1844 & location Cda. per 18
c. Note:   Age 7 at 1851 Census: see A. S. Platt
d. Note:   Age 15 at 1861 Census: see Abraham S. Platt
e. Note:   , Quebec; Born: Le Bail, Quebec; Status: widower; Occ.: Lumber Merchant; Parents: Francis & Lucinda Gouin; Bride: Helen Maria Platt; Age: 21; Res. & Born: Percy; Status: spinster; Parents: Abraham S & Lucy Platt; Wit.: H. J. Gouin, Three Rivers & Louisa Powers, Colborne; Date: Aug 5 1869; Place: Percy Twp.; Rel.: CE; Performed by: W. F. Smithet, CE Minister (Ontario Marriage Registration,
Note:   Marriage Reg'n.: Groom: Charles Lewis Gouin; Age: 38; Res.: Three Rivers is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.