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1. Title: GEDCOM File
2. Title:   Tweedsmuir Histories

a. Note:   n Ontario. They were: Mary born in 1795; Ferdinand 1797; Sarah 1800; Elizabeth 1803; John 1811; Nathaniel 1812; Cornelius 1824; ... " (from a newspaper clipping of Peister-VanSicklin 19th Family Reunion (July 28, 1982), copied from The Tweedsmuir Histories of Codrington, Reel 2, Toronto Metro Reference Library, Nov. 2007)
Note:   "Cornelius Van Sicklin had seven children, three born after he arrived i
b. Note:   9th reunion report.
Note:   Maria per GEDCOM of Joyce Peltz-Allin, Feb 11, 2008. Mary born 1795 per 1
c. Note:   s Co. per GEDCOM of Joyce Peltz-Allin, Feb 11, 2008. per plague on Van Sicklen Cemetery, Boes Road, Brighton Twp. Note: " ... Mary born in 1795 ... " per 19th reunion report.
Note:   Date 1796 per 1806 Census - age 10. Date Sep 15 1801 & location Dutches
d. Note:   1806 Census: Mary, age 10 - see Cornelius Vansicklen is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.