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  1. Henry Moore Garnett: Birth: 25 JUL 1901 in Otonabee Twp., Peterborough Co., Ontario. Death: 28 APR 1989

1. Title:   IGI Record in
2. Title:   1901 Canada Census, Record Type: microfilm
3. Title:   Ontario Cemetery Transcriptions
4. Title:   1871 Canada Census, Record Type: microfilm
Page:   Age 4
5. Title:   1871 Canada Census, Record Type: microfilm
6. Title:   1881 Canada Census, Record Type: microfilm
7. Title:   1891 Canada Census, Record Type: microfilm

a. Note:   y caused the death of his mother, Margaret (Mitchell) Garnett. In 1871 he is shown on census records in both Cavan with his father and in Otonobee with Henry and Marthy Moore. Marthy would likely be a sister of Walter's mother. After 1871 Walter appears to be living with Henry and Marthy in Otonabee. He married Amande Fife there in 1895. The burial plot in the Fife Cemetery includes Walter Garnett and Amanda Fife as well as Henry Moore and Martha Mitchell.
Note:   Walter Hodgen Garnett is the surviving twin from the birth that apparentl
b. Note:   Walter Hodgen GArnett per IGI Record.
c. Note:   Date July 6 1867 per 1901 Census. Date 1867 per IGI Record. "In 1867, Margaret and a twin child died,leaving the surviving twin and three small children. She and the baby were buried in the Shield Cemetery." from This Green and Pleasant Land
d. Note:   Per Burial.
e. Note:   s wife; Martha Mitchell; Died Oct 17 1905; Aged 72y 4m; Walter H. Garnett; 1867-1959; His Wife; Amanda S. Fife; 1874-1960; Harry M. Garnett; 1901-1989 (Olot 185, Fife Cemetery, Conc 5, Lot 21, Otonabee Twp., Peterborough Co. - Ontario Archives)
Note:   Cemetery Transcription: Henry Moore; Died July 3, 1900; Age 73y 7mo; hi
f. Note:   Age 4 at 1871 Census: see John Garnett
g. Note:   the, 41, b. Ont., married; Walter, 3 Note: Walter is shown on both census records here with his aunt and uncle and with his parents in Cavan.
Note:   Age 3 at 1871 Census: Moore, Henry, 44, b. Ont., WM, farmer, married; Mar
h. Note:   ied; Martheu, 52, b. Ont., married; Garnet, Walter H., 13, b. Ont., Eng. Note: Walter is living with Henry and Martheu Moore.
Note:   Age 13 at 1881 Census: Moore, henry, 54, b. Ont., CM, Irish, farmer, marr
i. Note:   , farmer, married; Marthe, 62, b. Ont., parents b. Irel., married; Garnet, Walter, 23, b. Ont., parents b. Eng. & Ont., ?? (relationship appears to show A. D. but not sure what that means; Martha may be his aunt - Margaret Mitchell??) Note: Walter is living with Henry and Marthe Moore.
Note:   Age 23 at 1891 Census: Moore, Henry, 64, b. Ont., parents b. Irel., Meth.
j. Note:   r, Meth., married; Amanda, 27, b. Ont. July 17 1873, married; Speirs, William A., 18, b. Ont. r. Jul 2 1882, Eng., domestic, single; Moor, Martha, 71, b. Ont. r. Jul 1 1827, aunt, widow; Elmhirst, James S., 42, b. Ont. r. Jul 10 1858, domestic, single (1901 Census Online: Otonabee Twp., Dist. 106, sub-dist. u-1, pg. 4, line 22, T-6491 - Conc 3, Lot 21)
Note:   Age 33 at 1901 Census: Garnett, Walter H., 33, b. Ont. July 6 1867, farme
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