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Marriage: Children:
  1. Nellie M. Page: Birth: 1869 in Illinois.

  2. Hattie V. Page: Birth: 1871 in Illinois. Death: 1959

  3. Fredrick F. R. Page: Birth: 14 JUL 1874 in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL. Death: 18 SEP 1900 in Manilla, Phillipines

1. Title:   Galesburg Republican-Register
Page:   22 Mar 1890
2. Title:   Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900, Illinois Secretary of State online [], accessed
Page:   Warren Co., IL Vol. C, pg 29

a. Note:   256 Page, Rowley 39 m US Mail Agent NY NY NY Viola 32 f wife IL NY NY Nellie 11 f daughter IL NY IL Hattie 9 f daughter IL NY IL Fredrick 6 m son IL NY IL
b. Continued:   Mr. Rowley Page died in the Soldiers' Home at Quincy Saturday night. The news fills his old friends here with sadness. Save by his loyal Grand Army acquaintances, he was well nigh abandoned. The last kindly offices in this city were those shown him by the police after he had been refused lodging at several boarding houses and those shown him by a few of the members of Post 45. During the last few years an insatiable desire for liquor had fastened itself upon him. It was this that caused his removal not long since from the railway postal service. The loss of his position no doubr drove him to deeper indulgence. He felt that there was no longer anything at stake. Everything was gone, and to his mind probably all had deserted him. Whether there was something behind all of this that drove him to drink, we cannot say. We do know from a long personal azquaintance that Rowley was not naturally a man of depraved tastes. He was in disposition kind and indulgent. His nature was companionable. Of his past history we have not been able to learn definately. It is said that he was brought up on a farm West of the city. In August 1862, he enlisted as a member of Company B, 102d Illinois, and for nearly three years served his country's cause honorably and baliantly. He had been a resident of Galesburg about 22 years. Until within the last few years he was deemed a respected citizen. For fifteen years he was a postal clerk in the employ of the government, and nearly all fo this time ran between here and Peoria. Everybody along that line knew rowley Page, for he was always accessible and accomodating. He was counted until he took to drinking to excess a faithful and competent official. He was at one time a prominent member of a number of social organizations. As a Mason he has served as a Grand Standar Bearer of the Grand Lodge of this State. If our memory serves us right he was also an officer at one time of the Grand Lodge of A. O. U. W. He has held office in the Grand Army of the Republic. In all he was noted for his zeal and willingness to work. Whatever his human failings, and all men have some, these organizations owe him a debt of gratitude. For the last year Mr. Page was postal clerk on the Narrow Gauge. This position he lost a few weeks ago. Found several days ago by the police in an almost demented condition on the streets they cared for him until the comrades took him to the Soldiers' Home in Quincy. During the time of the State Encampment there he was visited by many of the comrades, but recognized none. Convulsive gasps shook his frame. With tears in their eyes, the Galseburg old soldiers shook his hand and turned sadly away. Death was only a question of a few hours. That one, who had bravely served his country on the field of battle, and had been respected and honored as a citizen, should thus die touched every heart. We would not say a word to grieve aching hearts, but we wish with many that he could have passed away here at home, his last hours lightened by those gentle ministrations which only those nearest can bestow. All will remember that all save but a short portion of his life was useful and beneficial. A wife and two daughters survive him. The funeral occurred in quincy Monday and the remains were interred there. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.