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Marriage: Children:
  1. William I. McKee: Birth: 1851 in Boyle Co., Kentucky. Death: 1891

  2. John Lapsley McKee: Birth: 1853. Death: 1854

  3. Mary McKee: Birth: FEB 1855 in Boyle Co., Kentucky. Death: 1902 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri

  4. Leila Sarah McKee: Birth: 9 OCT 1857 in Columbia, Adair Co., Kentucky. Death: 5 JAN 1938 in Kansas City, Kaw Township, Jackson Co., Missouri

  5. Samuel Lee McKee: Birth: ABT OCT 1859 in Adair Co., Kentucky.

  6. Jennie McKee: Birth: 1862. Death: 1862

  7. James Lapsley McKee: Birth: 14 JAN 1864 in Kentucky. Death: 1 JAN 1942 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri

  8. Robert Graham McKee: Birth: APR 1867 in Kentucky. Death: 30 JAN 1906 in Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., Arkansas

  9. Julia Faith McKee: Birth: 19 DEC 1872 in Kentucky. Death: 15 NOV 1882

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a. Note:   From Kentucky -- The 1850 Boyle Co., Kentucky census shows John's occupation as teacher.
  Vice-President of Centre College, Danville, Kentucky.
  A popular Presbyterian minister (Northern Church) of Louisville, and later still a professor in the Theological School at Danville, Kentucky.
  The 1860 federal census for Adair Co., Kentucky shows Julia Barfield, age 3, born in Memphis, Tennessee living in his dwelling. It also shows his father and mother-in-law, Lee & Jane Speake in his dwelling. Also, it shows the value of his real estate owned as $3,000 and his personal estate as $800.
  The 1870 federal census for Oldham Co., Kentucky shows the value of his real estate owned as $10,000 and the value of his personal estate as $2,000. It also shows the following persons living in the adjacent dwelling: Lemuel Speak, age 13, born in Maryland Jane H. Speak, age 73, Keeping House, born in Kentucky (his wife, Sarah's, mother) Willie B. Mormine (unsure of last name), age 38, female, Dress Maker, born in Kentucky Sarah McKee, age 30, Seamstress, born in Kentucky See Rollington Precinct, Oldham Co., Kentucky, Page No. 12, Post Office Pewee Valley, Dwelling No. 83.
  The 1880 federal census for Boyle Co., Kentucky also shows Sarah F. McKee, age 41, sister-in-law, born in Kentucky in this dwelling -- see Danville, Boyle Co., Kentucky, Page 30, Supervisor's Dist. No. 3, Enumeration Dist. No. 13, Dwelling No. 207.
  The 1900 federal census for Boyle Co., Kentucky shows his sister-in-law, Sarah F. McKee, born Feburary 1837, living in his dwelling.
  In Memoriam
  Paper adopted by Transylvania Presbytery on death of Rev. Jno. Lapsley McKee, D. D. John Lapsley McKee, son of James and Mary Lapsley McKee, was born in Garrard county, Ky. Feb. 16, 1827, and spent the greater part of his life in and for his native State. The mental culture for which Dr. McKee was so long noted began in the Wilder High School, which for several years was maintained near the present site of Hiattville, Ky., by Prof. Wm. Wilder. At an early age he entered Centre College, graduating in 1849. Those who remember Dr. McKee as a boy speak of him as reckless and worldly minded. But in the year 1852, under the preaching of Dr. Nathan L. Rice, in the town of Lancaster, he fell under conviction of sin, accepted Christ as his Savior and henceforth devoted himself wholly unto the Master's service. Persuaded that he was called to preach he made thorough an[d] conscientious preparation: studying Theology first at Princeton (one year), an[d] then at Danville (two years), finishing his course in 1854. At a meeting of Transylvania Presbytery, held at Harrodsburg Oct. 7, 1854, he was licensed as a probationer for the Gospel ministery, and on Oct. 6th, two years later, was ordained evangelist by the same Presbytery in session at Columbia. In the course of his long and fruitful ministery Dr. McKee served churches at Columbia and Ebenezer, Ky. Keokuk, Iowa; Danville, Lebanon, Harrodsburg and Lancaster, Ky. as Stated supply; was pastor of the Chestnut Street Church Louisville (September, 1859 to December, 1870), and Pewee Valley (January, 1871 to May, 1872), and did a large amount of evangelistic work conducting meetings at the principal points in central and western Kentucky, after going also into the highways and hedges seeking the elect of God. As a preacher Dr. McKee was clear, logical and forceful, with an undercurrent of touching pathos which often moved his hearers to tears. This with his extreme simplicity of life and Godliness of manner, and a profound love of men, made him a great preacher, a successful evangelist and a popular pastor. Any sketch of Dr. McKee's life and work which failed to mention his effort to reach the children of his people and lead them into the fold of the Good Shepherd would be greatly defective. In his love for the little ones he showed the spirit of his Master, and was never more happy than when pointing them to Him. In this work he was eminently successful, and many devout followers of Christ, some preaching His glorious Gospel, yet lived to bless his name and ministery. As a teacher and educator also, Dr. McKee's was a notable career. Beginning in a country school in Boyle county, he rose steadily and rapidly through high school, preparatory school and college professorship until he became vice-president of Centre College (1872), which position he held for twenty-five years (1897), and was then made vice-president emeritus until his death. In this position his work as a financial agent was of great value to the church and the cause of Christian education. It was his indefatigable work and earnest consecration under the direction and co-operation of the Board which carried the institution through the perilous times succeeding the Civil War and saved the college to the church and State. On April 11, 1850 he was married to Miss Sarah H. Speake, from which union sprang nine children, four of whom, with the mother, still live. These four are Rev. Samuel L., Rev. James Lapsley, Miss Leila S. and Mr. Robert Graham. Dr. McKee's last work was as Stated Supply of the Lancaster Church, and was fruitful in good works. The handsome new parsonage, now nearing completion, was of his conception and bears his name, but a more enduring monument he reared to his memory in the affection and love of his people. From an evangelistic effort, in which he was being aided by his life long friend Rev. Joseph Hopper, he was called home to rest awhile 'till the Master should come to take him to the eternal mansions. Patiently he waited often in great agony, until May 23rd when the Summons came and John Lapsley McKee, the child of grace, returned to his Father's house. On Saturday afternoon his tired body was laid to rest under the failing rays of the Spring-time sun to await the eternal Sabbath, which shall be ushered in by the rising in glory of the sun of righteousness, whose rays will bring life and immortality to light to all that wait for his appearing. C. M. Chumley Chairman Wm. H. Kinnard Source: Transylvania Presbytery Minutes included along with the 14 Oct. 1902 minutes, Vol. XI, pp. 88-91, provided by Mr. Joe DeSpain
  Presbyterian Ministerial Directory 1898 Name: John Lapsley McKee State: KY Country: U.S.A. Birth State: KY Birth Country: U.S.A. Birth Date: 1827 PostID: 5833 Ordination: 1856 City: Danville Birth City: Garrard County, Kentucky ~ McKEE It was with much sorrow that the friends at this place of Dr. James Lapsley McKee, learned of his death in Danville last Friday. He had been ill but a week and the news of his death was a shock to many who had not heard of his illness. For a number of years he was pastor of the Assembly Presbyterian church here and was greatly beloved, although he never made this place his home. For twenty-five years he was connected with Centre College, having given up his active pastoral work for his educational and evangelistic work. In 1873 Centre College lost about one-third of its endowment fund by the Falls City Tobacco Bank robbery and Dr. McKee raised a subscription of $ 130,000, thus saving the college from collapse. On his retirement from educational work several years ago he was elected Vice President Emeritus of Centre College, now Central University, which title he held at the time of his death. Dr. McKee was a native of Lancaster, Ky., having been born there in 1827. The funeral took place in Danville Saturday afternoon at two o'clock at the Second Presbyterian church, Dr. Ramsey, the pastor, being assisted by Dr. W. C. Roberts, Dr. W. O Goodloe, of North Vernon, Ind. Dr. Rout, of Versailles and Dr. Hubbard, of New York. A number of friends went from this place to attend the funeral. His daughter, Miss Lelia McKee, is president of Western College at Oxford, Ohio. (Harrodsburg Herald, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Ky, Thu May 29, 1902) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.