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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Low: Birth: 1872 in Fetteresso, Kincardine, Scotland.

  2. Mary Jane Low: Birth: 5 Jul 1873 in Whitestone, Kemnay, Scotland. Death: 22 Jun 1957 in Leslie House, Leslie, Fife, Scotland

  3. Catherine Smith Low: Birth: 13 Mar 1875 in Kintore, Aberdeen, Scotland.

  4. Helen Christina Low: Birth: 8 May 1877 in Cluquhire,Dunnottar, Kincardine, Scotland. Death: 20 Jul 1909 in Aberdeen, Scotland

  5. Jessie Low: Birth: ABT. 1878.

  6. Elizabeth Low: Birth: ABT. 1879.

  7. Margaret Low: Birth: 25 Mar 1879 in Kirktown, Fetteresso, Kindcardine, Scotland.

  8. Anthony Low: Birth: 1882 in Kemnay, Aberdeen, Scotland.

  9. William Low: Birth: 1886. Death: 1952 in Canada

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a. Note:   James married Christina Ewen on 20th January 1872 at Roadside, Garlogie. He was a Quarry Mason of Whitestone, Kemnay.
  On the birth record of Margaret Low , father's occupation is given as a molecatcher. Helen Christina Low is Patsy Garvie's grandmother. Patsy died Aug or Sept 1996. Patsy was well known to her cousins, Moira and Jean Brown, and Ruth Aitken.
  1861 Census: John Low, head, aged 50, born Old Deer, Farmer of 40 acres Mary Low, born Inverurie, aged 45, wife John Low, aged 21, son Mary Low, aged 17, daughter James Low, aged 8, son Andrew S. Low, aged 7, son Anthony K. Low, aged 5, son Margaret Low, aged 2, daughter. All born Kemnay.
  1881 Census: Dwelling Carmount RD Bardspark Census Place, Dunnottar, Kincardine James Low, 28 Born Kemnay, Head, Occ: Ag Lab Christina P. Low, 30 born Skene, wife James Low, Son, 9, born Skene, Scholar Mary Jane Low, 7, daughter, scholar, born Kemnay Catherine Smith Low, daughter, 6, born Kintore, Helen Christina Low, Daughter, 2, born Dunnottar, Margaret Low, daughter, 2 born Fetteresso,
  James died on 10th October 1924 at Beilside aged 72. He is buried in Springbank Cemetery, Aberdeen. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.