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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Low: Birth: 10 Oct 1835 in Kemnay Aberdeen Scotland.

  2. Elisabeth Low: Birth: 6 Mar 1837 in Kemnay, Aberdeen, Scotland.

  3. Janet Low: Birth: 28 Jun 1838 in Kemnay, Aberdeen, Scotland.

  4. John Low: Birth: 10 Feb 1840 in Kemnay Aberdeen Scotland. Death: 2 May 1873 in Kemnay, Aberdeen, Scotland

  5. Mary Low: Birth: 21 Sep 1843 in Kemnay, Aberdeen, Scotland.

  6. William Leslie Low: Birth: 28 Jan 1846 in Kemnay Aberdeen Scotland.

  7. Alexander Low: Birth: 25 Dec 1849 in Kemnay Aberdeen Scotland.

  8. James Low: Birth: 3 Jun 1852 in Kemnay Aberdeen Scotland. Death: 6 Oct 1924 in Springbank Cemetery Aberdeen, Scotland

  9. Andrew Stevenson Low: Birth: 24 Oct 1853 in Kemnay, Aberdeen Scotland.

  10. Anthony Keith Low: Birth: 22 Mar 1856 in Whitestone Farm, Kemnay, Aberdeen, Scotland. Death: 5 Apr 1936 in Townend Kintore, Aberdeen, Scotland

a. Note:   NI0575
Note:   1841 Census: Place, Kemnay, Address: Whyteston Surname First Name Sex Age Occ Where Born Low John M 30 Farmer Aberdeenshire Low Mary F 25 " Low Margret F 5 " Low Elizabeth F 4 " Low Jannet F 3 " Low John M 1 "
Elreck Elizabeth F 15 Female Servant "
1851 Census: Place: Kemnay-Aberdeenshire, Civil Parish: Kemnay, Address: Whitestones John Low, Head, aged 40, Farmer of 63 acres Born Old Deer Aberdeenshire Mary Low, wife, aged 35 born Inverury Elizabeth Low, daughter, aged 14, scholar born Kemnay Janet Low, daughter, aged 12, scholar born Kemnay John Low, son, aged 11 scholar born Kemnay William Low, son, aged 5 born Kemnay Mary Low, daughter, aged 7, scholar born Kemnay Alexander Low, son, aged 2 born Kemnay Leslie Wright, Orphan aged 1 born Kintore
1861 Census: John Low, head, aged 50, born Old Deer, Farmer of 40 acres Mary Low, born Inverurie, aged 45, wife John Low, aged 21, son Mary Low, aged 17, daughter James Low, aged 8, son Andrew S. Low, aged 7, son Anthony K. Low, aged 5, son Margaret Low, aged 2, daughter. All born Kemnay.
1871 Census: John Low, Head, Farmer of 85 acres, aged 60, Mary Low, wife, aged 55, Anthony K Low, son, aged 15, Farmers son Mary Birkley, servant, aged 17 Christina Davidson, servant, aged 23 and her daughter (unnamed) aged 8 days.
1881 Census: John Low, Head, Farmer of 45 Acres Arable, aged 70, born Old Deer. Mary Low, wife, Farmers wife, 65, born Inverurie, and Barbara Ross, servant, General Domestic Servant, 15, unmarried, born Cluny, Aberdeen. Dwelling: Whitestone Farm Census Place: Kemnay, Aberdeen
Death: 23 July 1889 Whitestone, Kemnay Low, John, died 80 yrs, disease of bladder & kidneys, farmer, widower of Mary Geils. Son of Alexander Low, crofter, (deceased) and Mary Low (m/s Raitt) (deceased) Informant Anthony Low, son. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.