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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mangel Janse Roll: Birth: ABT 1663 in Rensselaerswyck, Albany County, Ny. Death: 19 Apr 1744 in Ny, Ny, Ny

  2. PIETER JANSE Roll: Birth: ABT 1668 in Albany, Albany, Ny. Death: ABT 1712 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny

  3. Antje Janse Raal: Birth: ABT 1672 in Niskayuna, , Ny. Death: ABT 1690

  4. Tryntje Janse Roll: Birth: ABT 1675 in Niskayuna, , Ny. Death: 5 Nov 1711 in Somerset Co.,NJ

  5. Johannes Janse Roll: Death: AFT 1747 in New York

a. Continued:   1661 - married Jan Mangelsen 1661 - Jan Mangelson of 25 Aug 1661 acknowledged in court that he owed to his father-in-law, Pieter Adriaensen." 1681 - witness at New Albany, refunds of Volkie Pieterse 1698-9 with husband sold parcel of land at Canastogione to their son Pieter.
  "The Abraham Roll Family from New Jersey Pioneers in Hamilton County, Ohio" by I. Clifford Roll. Cincinnati Historical Society Bulletin Vol 18, No 4, Oct 1960. p 285. "Jan Mangelse, considered to be the Dutch immigrant from whom the Rolls in America are descended, married a daughter of Pieter and wife. ie Pieter Adriaensen Van Woggelum (Peter, the son of Adriaen from Woggelum)."
  "The Roll Family, One Branch" by Edwin D. Roll, Oct 1982. LDS Fiche 6018739. "1698/99. Jan and Tryntje Mangelse sold a parcel of their land at Canastogione to their son Pieter for L50. A copy of the deed of sale is on file; also a description of the property involved."
  "The American Genealogies" Oct 1956. Vol 32, No 4. "The Easy-Going Van Woggelums" by George E. McCracken. p 206. "Child of Pieter Andriaense Van Woggelum. Daughter, name unknown. Jan Mangelson of 25 Aug 1661 acknowledged in court that he owed to his father-in-law, Pieter Adriaensen."
  The NYG&B Record. Vol 131. Number 1. Jan 2000. p 37. The Rall/Roll Family: Descendants of Jan Mangelsen and His Wife Tryntje Van Woggelum By Barbara A. Barth. "Jonathan Pearson and A.J.F. Van Laer stated that Jan Mangelsen married a daughter of Pieter Adriaensen Soogemackelyck, but apparently they did not discover her given name. In a February 1698/9 deed described below, "John Mangilson of Staten Island and Tryntje his wife" conveyed land. That she was the same wife Jan had in 1661 is suggested by the fact that his two eldest sons both named their eldest daughters Tryntje (Catharina).
  Ibid. p 38. "Probably from this record, a legend has grown through the intervening years that the wife of Jan Mangelsen was the granddaughter of Caniachkoo. No evidence has surfaced to substantiat this claim. While the name of Trynjte's mother, Pieter Adriaensen's wife, is unknown, there is no indication in the records that he was ever married to an Indian. Indeed, he must have married in Europe, as there is no record of him in New Netherland until 1652, just nine years before his daughter Tryntje was a married woman. His son Jan, certainly younger than Tryntje, was born in Amsterdam about 1647."
  Richmond County, Staten Island. The following deed of Sale was recorded for Petr Mangelse, the 3rd day of February 1698/9. Joseph Egbert, Clk."To all Christian People to whom thes (sic) presents shall come: John Mangilson of Staten Island of the County of Richmond and Trynitje his wife-Sendeth Greetings in our Lord God everlasting. Now know yee that for the sum of Fifty-pounds currant moneys to them in hand paid by Peter Mangilson at or before the signing & ensealing of these presents the receipt whereof the said John Mangilson and Trynitje his wife both hereby acknowledge themselves therewith fully satisfied contented and paid and of every part and parcell thereof, and do hereby Exonorate and discharge the sd Peter Mangilson his heirs, Exs, administrators & assigns has bargoned, sold assignes & sett over and by these presents doe bargon sell assigne and sett over unto the sd Peter Mangilson his heirs & assigns for ever a certain tract6 or parcell of land lying and being at Sagoddiochquissatt which by deed of gift has been granted unto the said John Mangilson by the Maqhase Indians in the year of 1681/2, the said land running from the marked tree whereon of name of the sd John Mangelson stands and also the mark of the Maqhase Indians unto the creek that lyeth west ward the line of the sd land running into the woods diveth North lys on a straight line together with all houses, barnes, stables, orchards, fencings, feedings, patures, or any other premises whatsoever, to have and to hold the sd land and premeses with their and every of their appertunances. To the only sole and proper use behalf and benefit of him, the said Peter Mangelson his heirs & assigns foreever(sic) by these presents and the said John Mangelson and Trijntje his wife for themselves their heirs, exec. Adm. doth covenant & agree to and with the sd Peter Mangilson his heirs exec. Adm. and assigns the he the said John Mangilson at the time of ensealing and delivery of these presents hath good right full power and absolut authority to grant bargon sell and convey the afore mention premses with their and every of their appertunances freed and cleared of & from all manner of and forever other gifts, grants, bargons, soles, leases, toyntunes, dawers or any other incumbrances whatsoever and that the said Peter Mangilson his heirs, exec. administ. & assigns shall and may lawfully & peaceably, and quietly have hold use occupy posses and enjoy the sd land and premises without the lawfull lett suit trouble interuption or molestation of him the siad John Mangilson or either of them and that hee the said John Mangilse his heirs, Exec. adminst. shall warrant and forever will defend the said land and premises against any person or persons laying, claiming any estate right, title of in or to the same. In witness whereof the said John Mangilson and Tryntje his wife have hereunto Sett their hands and seals this second day of February in the tenth year of our Souvenign Lord Willim the third by the grace of God King of Eng. Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith an lue 10-1698/9" Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Tho. Coone. Witness Conelis + Eckenson. John Mangilson. Tryntje Mangilse. DE VERGULDE BEVER (GILDED BEAVER) Sailed from Amsterdam 15 May 1658, arrived New Amsterdam before 18 Aug. Source unless otherwise noted:Lists Of Inhabitants Of Colonial New York by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan Chapter entitled Early Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664
  Jan Barentsen house Carpenter, and Workman Anthony de Mis from Haerlem, and Wife and 2 children. The Wife of Andries vander Sluys; Clerk in Fort Orange, and child Charel Fonteyn; a frenchman, and Wife Peeter Claessen, from Holstein; farmer and Wife and 2 children Gerrit Gerritsen van Gilthuys; Taylor Jan Jansen; house Carpenter, and Wife and 4 children [ENN: This should be the wife of Jan Jansen house carpenter and 5 children ages 11,12, 13 and 21. Note written and signed by Jan Jansen agreeing to pay for all except "one daughter of my wife"] Jan Gouwenberch, from Hoorn Adriaen van Laer, from Amsterdam, and servant Jan Gerretsen Buytenhuys; Baker, and Wife and sucking child. Willem van Vredenburch Cornelis Andriessen Hoogland; Taylor Peter van Halen, from Utreecht, and Wife, 2 children, and boy [ENN: Shoemaker. Childen are 1 and 3 yrs old] Simon Bouche [ENN: His fare charged to Jaques Cousseau] Cornelis Hendricksen van Ens. Jan Evertsen van Gloockens [ENN: Jan Evertsen from Loockeren. On 10 Jan. 1660 Coenraet Ten Eyck agrees to pay for him] Tryntje Pieters; Maiden. (NOTE: May not be the same person.) Waegh (The Weigh-House) Sailed from Amsterdam after 24 May 1655, arrived New Amsterdam 13 August 1655 Severijn Lourentsz soldier from Rootschilt in Denmark in service of WIC [NNC. 5:54] Memorandum of the names and ages of the Almshouse children, who are to go to New Netherland pursuant to the order of their Noble, Worshipful Honors, the Burgomasters of Amsterdam. Tryntge Pieters, 23 years old. (NOTE: This may not be the same person.) Tryntge Jans, 22 " Jannitge Dircx, 19 " Lysbet Jans, 18 " Dieuwer Volcherts, 16 " Annitge Pieters, 17 " Lysbet Gerrits, 16 " Debora Jans, 15 " Marritge Hendrik, 16 " Catalyntge Jans, 13 " Guillaume Roelants, 17 years old. Jan 17 " Mathys Coenratsen, 16 " Hendrick Thomasen, 14 " Peter Stoffelsen, 13 " Otto Jansen, 13 " Jan Hendricksen, 12 " This list of orphans (and the letter) are in: Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York Vols. 1-11 translated and edited by E. B. O'Callaghan, Vols. 12- 15 translated and edited by Berthold Fernow; 1856-1887 vol. 14, pp. 325 - 326. LETTER FROM THE BURGOMASTERS OF AMSTERDAM TO STUYVESANT: BOYS AND GIRLS FROM THE ALMSHOUSES SENT TO NEW NETHERLAND. Noble, Honorable, Wise, Prudent, Very Discreet Sir. Whereas with the consent of their Honors, the Directors of the W. I. Company, we have resolved to send over some boys and girls, specified in the enclosed memorandum, in the Company's ships, thereby taking a burden from the Almshouse of this city. and helping to increase the population of New-Netherland; we desire hereby to request and recommend to your Honor to receive these children and youths kindly and to take care, that they may be employed according to their abilities for the best advantage of the Company and a proper advancement of themselves. Herewith etc ere this 27th of May 1655. To the Noble, Honorable Wise, Prudent, Your Honor's good friends Very Discreet Sir, Petrus Stuyvesant, The Burgomasters and Director-General of New Netherland or Regents of the City of in his absence, to his deputy in New Amsterdam. Amsterdam, in N. N. By Order N. NICOLAI. F1 From research of Howard Swain: The following are all from volume 14 of: Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York Vols. 1-11 translated and edited by E. B. O'Callaghan, Vols. 12- 15 translated and edited by Berthold Fernow; 1856-1887 This is from a letter from the Directors to Peter Stuyvesant dated 26 April 1655 "We have now chartered for this purpose [to proceed against the Swedish colony] from the Burgomasters and Council of this city one of their four largest and best ships, called the "Waegh," armed with 36 pieces, which is now being made ready for sea and will sail from here with about 200 men in 12 or 14 days." -- p. 317 Here is another letter from the Directors to Stuyvesant dated May 26th, 1655. and "Received by the man-of-war "de Waegh" Aug. 13th." "The written conditions, sent over, have told us of the rules made and the care taken there of the children from the Almshouses, which have our approval; we hope, that the Burgo-masters and Almshouse authorities have also been pleased; they are again sending by this ship a party of boys and girls as per enclosed list. We recommend them as before to your care and although among them some may be found of tenderer age than you require, we think it does not matter, for it can be amended and corrected by one or two years' longer service, which is of little importance to the boys." -- p. 322 So, that seems pretty clear that the orphans came on the ship Waegh with the soldiers. Also, from the same letter: "If Captain Frederick de Coninck (who is to obey your orders implicitly pursuant to the extract of our resolutions here enclosed under No. 6), and Lieutenant Ysvoort, both coming as such in the ship "De Waegh," should desire to remain there as freemen and not in the service and pay of the Company, you may keep them there." -- p. 323 A later letter from the Directors to Stuyvesant dated The 25th of September 1655 begins: "Honorable, Pious, Dear, Faithful. Our last general letter to you was dated the 26th of May last past and was sent by the ship "Waegh van Amsterdam" which sailed from here on the 7th of June following." -- p. 332 So, now we know that the Waegh sailed on 7 June 1655 and arrived on 13 Aug 1655 with Frederick de Coninck as Captain. F2 From research of Lorine McGinnis Schulze: According to O'Callaghan in Calendar of Historic Manuscripts (Part 1, Dutch Manuscripts 1630-1664), on 23 March 1655 a certificate was issued "That a certain balance is due to Immetje Cornelis, matron of the orphan children sent out from Amsterdam" Mention is again made of orphans on 4 Jan 1656: "Order for the punishment of a boy and girl (orphans from Amsterdam) in the service of Pieter van Couwenhoven, for dishonesty" And one final mention occurs on 4 April 1652 but no details are included. The notation states that a letter of that date from the Directors to the commonalty at the Manathans [sic] mentioned orphans as well as other items. F3 From research of Cor Snabel: In order to conquer the Swedish colony, Peter Stuyvesant asked the managers of the WIC to sent him soldiers and because it was impossible to let the "Groote Christoffel" leave in time, they chartered a private ship, "de Waegh" with captain Frederick de Coninck and he arrived in New Amsterdam in August 1655. Immediately after its arrival Peter Stuyvesant took action and conquered the colony. In 1654 about 27 or 28 children arrived on the "Peereboom </ships/nnship55.shtml>". Only one name is known: the sixteen year old Hendrick Claesz. was assigned to Lodewijck Jongh on 16 Nov. 1654. In 1655 another group arrived of 9 girls between 13 and 23 years old and 7 boys at the age of 12 to 17. In 1659 another group followed of 6 children. They came from the Amsterdam Almshouse; the Amsterdam City Council was cutting down expenses on the almshouses and Peter Stuyvesants' request for "new blood" gave them the idea to select from these orphans of non citizens. The children were volunteers, but it is unknown what the authorities told them. They were selected on health, not on skills and education. Later on the orphans were also recruited in Holland to serve as contract laborers in New Amsterdam. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.