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Marriage: Children:
  1. PIETER ADRIAENSEN van Woggelum: Birth: ABT 1610 in Woggelum, Near Alkmaar,North Holland,The Netherlands. Death: AFT 11 May 1685 in Albany, Albany, Ny

  2. Jacob Adriaensen van Woggelum: Birth: ABT 1612 in Woggelum, Near Alkmaar, North Holland,The Netherlands. Death: AFT 1659 in Albany, Albany, Ny

a. Note:   Holstein, Denmark - now a region in NW Germany "The Abraham Roll Family from New Jersey Pioneers in Hamilton County, Ohio"by I. Clifford Roll with Marie Dickore. p 286. Cincinnati Hist Soc Bulletin Vol 18, No 4. 1960.
  "Contributions for the Genealogies of the First Settlers of the Ancient County of Albany, from 1630 to 1800" by Prof. Jonathan Pearson. 1978. p 104. Hamilton Co., Ohio Gen Soc. "In 1660, Anna Pieterse Soegemakelyk was a widow by the death of her second husband, Barent Janse Bal.; she died in Dec 1669."
  The Olive Tree,, Source: The following list of marriages is taken from The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record published 1890 and 1940. Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York - "Marriages 1652. 22 Novemb. Barent Janszen Bal, Van Velthuysen in't Graefschap Benthem, en Anneken Pieters Uyt Holsteyn, Wede. Van Jacques Kinnekom."
  "Ship Passenger Lists New York and New Jersey (1600-1825)" edited and indexed by Carl Boyer, 3rd. 1978. p 14. "Deutsche einzeleinwanderer und familien in New-Niederland, jahr-buch fur Auslanddeutsche sippenkunde, 1 (1936), 45-53 [Lancour no. 73]. {German single emigrants and families in New Holland. year book of family study of Germans in foreign countries.} "Bal, Bernhard Jansen, Aus Feldhausen im Bentheimschen, 1652 witwe (widow) Anna Petersen aus Holstein." p 22. "Petersen, Anna, von Holstein, witwe von (widow of) Jacques Kinnekom, 1652 Bernhard Jansen Bal aus Feldhausen in der Grafschaft Bentheim."
  "New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Old First Dutch Reformed Church of Brooklyn, NY. First Book of Records, 1660-1752" 1983. Breuckelen Church Records. p 215. "1664, February 10: (marriage) Jan Pieterszen, "Y(oung) M(an) from Amsterd(am)", to Stijntie Jans, "from Oetmarsum" (Overijssel, The Netherlands); Witnesses: Annetie Pieters, grandmother of the bridegroom, Johannes Marcus, stepfather of the bride, Esje Hendricks, mother of the bride."
  Ibid. p 19. Second Marriage.
  "New York State Library History Bulletin to Early Records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Rensselaerswyck" Vol III. by Jonathan Pearson. Albany 1918. Revised and edited by A.J.F. Van Laer. pp 96 & 97. "Settlement of a dispute between Lucas Eldertsen and Annetje Pieters in regard to the lease of a house. [133] In the matter of dispute between Luycas Eldertsz and Annetie Pietersz, widow of the late Barent Jansz Bal [Annetje Peters, from Holsteyn, widow of Jacques Kinnekom, married in 1652, at New Amsterdam, Barent Jansen Bal, from Velthuysen in the county of Benthem (Veldhausen in Bentheim, Germany).] In regard to the lease by her of the house, lot and garden of Roeloff Swartwout, standing and lying in the Colony of Renselaerswyck, the parties through the mediation of the undersigned have in love and friendship agreed and contracted with each other as follows, namely: Annetie Pietersz gives up and relinquishes the lease of the said house, lot and garden which she had hired for the term of two years but which she has occupied for not more than three-fourths of a year or a year at the most, Luycas Eldertsz not having been able to deliver the same in proper repair nor properly to fence in the garden, as was stipulated. On the other hand she, Annetie Pietersz, promises to pay to said Luycas Eldertsz (over and above the four beavers and the thirty-one guilders seawan which he has received), one and a half beavers or the value thereof. Wherwith the parties are agreed and reconciled, neither one having anything more to claim or to demand of the other, whether at law or otherwise, in any manner whatever, for which they bind their respective persons and estates, nothing excepted, subject to all courts judges. Done in the Colony of Renselaerswyck, the 23rd of August 1661. Luyckas Eldersen This mark X was made by Annetie Pietersz aforesaid."
  "The American Genealogist" Oct 1956. Vol 32, No 4. "The Easy-Going Van Woggelums" by George E. McCracken. p 204. "No record of him (Adriaen) has been found on this continent and he undoubtedly died in the Netherlands but not before he had married a woman named Anneke Pieters, native of Holstein, by whom he had at least two sons...Following the death of Adriaen, Anneke Pieters married, second, at an unknown time and place, a man with the quaint name of Jacques Kinnekom, and that is all we know of him. At any rate, Anneke Pieters took the vows of matrimony for a third time at the Manhattan Dutch Church on 22 Nov 1652 when she is described as from Holstein, widow of Jacques Kinnekom, and the third husband, Barent Janse Bal, from Velthuysen in T' Graefschap benthem (Vetthuysen in the county of Benthem). By 1660 Bal was dead, for there is a court record of that year which calls Anneke his widow. She was present and a witness at the wedding of her grandson Jan Pieterszen which took place at Brooklyn on 10 Feb 1664. She died in December 1669, probably at Albany." (At Albany, NY with pall.)
  "Scandinavian Immigrants in New York 1630-1674", John O. Evjen. Part II: Danish Immigrants in New York 1630-1674. p 254. "Anneke Pieters, from Holstein, widow of Jacques Kinnekom, was married November 22, 1652, in New Amsterdam, to Barent Jansen Bal, from Velthusysen in Benthem. Barent Bal's name is met with as early as 1640, when he was sponsor at a baptism. On August 31, 1651, Remmert Jansen gave Barnt Jansen Bal and Hendrick Jansen Lease of a bowery on the south side of Hans Hansen's brewery, called in Indian Rinnegackonck. See Calendar of Manuscripts, I., p 55.?
  Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y.", Teunis G. Bergen, NY. 1881. p.158."Derick, cooper, conveyed May 23, 1661, to Annetien Pietersen wid. of Barent Janse, dec, a farm at Gowanus between the farms of Teunis Nyssen (Denyse) and that of Jan Pieterse (Staats), as per Flh (Flatlands)Rec. feb 19, 1661, he bought of Engelbert Steenhuys a farm on the E. side of the road in Flh, with plain land and salt meadows belonging thereto, as per p. 52 of Lib. B of Flh rec, May 30, 1670, he was allotted a building plot at 'Rustenburgh' in the village of Flh, in pursuance of the patent of the town, as per p 10 of Lib A of Flh rec. Signed his name 'Deirck Jansen'."
  The NYG&B Record, Vol 130, Num 1, Jan 1999. p20. Barbara A. Barth. "The Albany Dutch Church was paid for the use of the pall for the funeral of 'Pieter Adriaens's mother' in December 1669."
  Internet - NY Church records, p 17. 1652 22 Nov; Barent Janszen Bal, van Velthuysen in't Graefschap Benthem; Anneken Pieters Uyt Holsteyn, wid van Jacques Kinnekom.
  VanWolggelum list, Tom van Baar Dec. 2001 " my opinion, looking at the marriage book itself", "Anna, widow of Adriaen Joosten" . Anna Pieters married Jacques Kinnekom in Alkmaar on March 2, 1631. Jacques was a "schotsman, soldaat onder den coll. Balcklough" Scottisch soldier under colonel Balckough. Anna (or both of them) lived in the Spiringhbuert (=name of a street in Alkmaar) by then. I now assume that Anna (and her sons) travelled together with Jacques. I'm also sure now that Anna's first husband's name wasn't Adriaen Pieters."
  Tom van Baar, Jan 2002. "Found another listing for Anna Kinekom; place, America; year 1652; Primary Individual Kinekom, Anna. Source name-LOHR, OTTO "Deutsche Einzeleinwanderer und Familien in Neu Nirderland" In Jahrbuch fuer Auslanddeutsche Sippenjunde, Jahrgang 1 (1936) pp. 45-53. Source annotation-German immigrants, both individuals and families, in New Amsterdam (or New Netherland) 1610-1664. The majority were from the coastal areas of present-=day germany. Most settled in New York, a few in New Jersey and Connecticut. Source page 51. New York City, Marriages, 1600s-1800s Name: Anneken Pieters Spouse Name: Barent Janszen Bal Marriage Date: 1652 Marriage Place: New York, New York Marriage ID: 2220320149 Other Comments: On microfilm at Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Source: The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (quarterly), 1875, selected extracts Publisher: New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Publication Place: New York, NY Page: 81 U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Name: Anneke Pieters Arrival Year: 1652 Arrival Place: New York, New York Source Publication Code: 1898 Primary Immigrant: Pieters, Anneke Annotation: Biographical pieces on Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish immigrants who settled in New York. Source Bibliography: EVJEN, JOHN O. Scandinavian Immigrants in New York, 1630-1674. With Appendices on Scandinavians in Mexico and South America, 1532-1640; Scandinavians in Canada, 1619-1620; Some Scandinavians in New York, in the Eighteenth Century; German Immigrants in New York, 1630-1674. Minneapolis: K.C. Holter Publishing Co., 1916. 438p. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1972. Repr. 1983. Page: 255 U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 Name: Anneke Pieters Gender: Female Birth Place: Ho Spouse Name: Adrian Woggelum Spouse Birth Place: No Number Pages: 1 Schleswig-Holstein Immigrants in New Amsterdam-New York, 1636-1667 Klaus Timm Pieters, Anneke: Anneke Pieters from Holstein, widow of Jacques Kinnekom, was married November 22, 1652, in New Amsterdam to Barent Jansen Bal from Velthusysen in Benthem. Barent Bal's name is met with as early as 1640, when he was sponsor at a baptism. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.