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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jane Mersereau: Birth: 7 Oct 1785 in , Union, Ny. Death: 23 Sep 1877

  2. John Drake Mersereau: Birth: 25 Jun 1789 in , Union, Ny. Death: 2 Aug 1866

  3. James Mersereau: Birth: 20 Oct 1791 in , Union, Ny. Death: 20 Oct 1812

  4. Barbary Mersereau: Birth: 29 Aug 1795 in , Union, Ny. Death: 7 Mar 1857

  5. Mary Mersereau: Birth: 18 Oct 1797 in , Union, Ny. Death: 9 Nov 1868

  6. Henry Mersereau: Birth: 4 Dec 1800 in , Union, Ny. Death: 6 Jul 1877

  7. Joshua Mersereau: Birth: 25 Sep 1804 in , Union, Ny. Death: 28 Jul 1882

a. Note:   Per Internet. Abstract of Wills Vol VIII 1771-1776, pages 307 & 308: Page 7.--In the name of God, Amen, February 23, 1773. I, Abraham Prall, of Staten Island, being in perfect minds. All debts to be paid. I leave to my wife Aleda the best room in my house, and the best bed and bedstead, and all furniture thereto belonging, and her choice of my negro wenches, and her choice of two cows, with pasture and hay, and the best cupboard and chest, and her firewood brought ot her door, and as much as she shall want. And my three sons, Benjamin, Peter, and Abraham, shall pay her each oe6 yearly. I leave to my three sons all my land and tenements, woodland and meadows. "And they shall each of them separately pay to Joshua Mersereau, son of my daughter Maria, ce10, when he is of age, and ce10 to each of his brothers, Abraham and John Mersereau, and ce10 to their sister, Alida Mersereau, to whom I also give a negro wench, when she is of age." I leave the rest of my movable estate to my three sons, and I make my sons, Benjamin and Abraham, executors. Witnesses, David Cannon, Abraham Cannon, Aaron Van Name. Proved, October 4, 1775, before Benjamin Seaman."
  Halsey Flannery, [email protected], July 1999. Born Oct 4, 1762 in Staten Island,NY. Died, Dec 4, 1804. Married Keziah Drake born May 6, 1769, married Dec 17, 1784; died Aug 2 1843. Sep 1999. Born 1 Oct 1762, married 17 dec 1784; died 2 Aug 1843. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.