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Marriage: Children:
  1. RICHARD C. Blue: Birth: 20 Oct 1773 in , Hampshire, Va. Death: 1851 in Hampshire County,VA

  2. John Uriah Blue: Birth: 20 Sep 1776 in Hampshire Co.,VA. Death: 25 Dec 1816

  3. Susannah Blue: Birth: 20 Nov 1778 in Hampshire Co.,VA. Death: 11 Jul 1806

  4. Uriah Blue: Birth: 15 Jun 1780 in Hampshire Co.,VA. Death: 3 May 1854 in Hampshire,VA

  5. Michael Blue: Birth: 15 May 1782 in Springfield, Hampshire, Va. Death: 11 Mar 1842 in Springfield, Hampshire, Va

  6. Garrett J. Blue: Birth: 27 Sep 1791 in Hampshire Co.,VA.

a. Note:   ly Assoc. pp 5 & 11. "When Susannah was one year old, she and her father, Richard Williams, were captured by Indians. Her father escaped, but Susannah was held captive for 13 years. She was released in an exchange of prisoners and identified by a birthmark on her arm. Her scalp-lock had been taken and she was said to have worn a little cap all the rest of her life."
  "The Chalice", Issue 13, #1, May 1995. Natl Blue Family Assoc. p 32. "...Richard Williams, father of Susanne Blue who, with her father, was captured by Indians and taken to Detroit area from which Williams escaped and some 13 years later got Susanne back to Hampshire. (by Willard M. "Brud" Ansel)"
  "The Chalice" Issue 13, #1, May 1995. Natl Blue Family Assoc. "Our Peters Lineage" by Willard Monroe Ansel. "From other sources we know that Susannah Williams married Uriah Blue and that she was the daughter of Richard Williams. Thus the Peter Peters will establishes that Susannah Williams, of Indian fame was the daughter of Richard Williams and his wife, Susannah Peters who was the daughter of Peter Peters."
  Birth and death dates per Charles Petersen, internet Apr 1999. b 2 Nov 1754; d 19 Aug 1815 WorldConnect Ben, [email protected] . Vitals per Blue Family Bible, Library of Virginia, manuscript 25502. b 25 Nov 1754 Hampshire Co.,VA; d 19 Sep 1815 Hampshire Co.,VA.
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