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Marriage: Children:
  1. JOHANNES FREDERICK Mouser: Birth: 3 Nov 1735 in Charlottenhof, Wuerttemberg, Germany. Death: 16 Oct 1828 in Rockingham, Va

  2. Agnes Mouser: Birth: 9 Jun 1737 in Oeschingen, Wuertemburg,Germany.

  3. Johann Frederick Mauser: Birth: 26 Sep 1740 in Charlottenhof, Wuertemburg, Germany. Death: 23 Apr 1799 in Lincolnton, Lincoln, Nc

  4. Johann Jacob Mouser: Birth: 12 Apr 1743 in Charlottenhof,Donaukries,Germny. Death: 16 Oct 1828 in , Lancaster County, Pa

  5. Anna Maria Mouser: Birth: 2 Jan 1746 in Charlottenhof,Donaukries,Germny.

  6. Nichlaus Mouser: Birth: 28 May 1749 in Germany. Death: 25 Sep 1826 in Taylor, Berks, Pa

a. Note:   Migrated to Philadelphia, PA with Adolf Gerber aboard the ship "Nancy" on 16 Sep 1751. Per Lynn Jones,, Sep 1998. Birth 11 Jan 1707. German, Select Births and Baptisms 1558-1898 Name: Hans Michel Mauser Gender: Male Spouse: Agatha 1Child: Jacob Friderich Mauser
Per Jackie Hawkins,, Aug 1999. Birth 11 Jun 1707. (Per Adolf Gerber Lists taken from Pennsylvania Archives Series III, Vol XI-XXVI.) "Michael Mauser and son Johannes were listed on ship Nancy 16 Sep 1751 (children under 16 and females not listed). The family settled in Northampton county,PA where Michael received a survey for 25 acres 27 July 1752."
Mouser list, Rootsweb, Sep 1999. "Emigrants from Wuerttemberg the Adolf Gerber Lists. Mauser, Hans Michael (2) -- Oeschingen (1751). B. 6-11-1707, son of Caspar Mauser. Wf: Agatha, nee Gomminger, Daugher of Hans Jerg Gomminger at Ofterdingen. Ch: (1) Johannes, b. 3-11-1735 (2) Agnes, b. 6-9-1737; (3) Johann Friedrick, b. 9-16-1740, at Charlottenhof, (4) Johann Jacob, b. 4-12-1743 at Charlottenhof, (5) Anna Maria, b. 1-2-1746, (6) Nicolaus, b. 5-28-1749. This Hans Michael Mauser and his wife Agatha, along with his two children Johannes and Agnes, because they want to to to the New World, have all four (even Agnes, because she has been confirmed) received Holy Communion publicly in the Church after Vesper reading on May 2, 1751. ("Dieser hans Michael Mauser und sein Weib Agathia sambt senen 2 Kindern Johannes and Agnes, weilen sie weller in die Neu Welt zichen, so haben sie alle 4. auch die Agnes, weil sie eine Conformata war, das k. Nachtmohl in der Kirche offentlich nach der Vesper Lection empfangen den 2. Mai, 1751") Michael Mauser with Johann Mauser, Nancy, September 16, 1751, Hinke, I. 463, 3 pa. 26, 124: Michael Mauser, 25 acres, Northampton Co., Pa. survey, July 27, 1752. 3PA. 18, 40: John Mauser, Maxatawny Tp., Berks Co, Pa., 1767, 18, 58: Fred'k Mauser, Greenwich Tp., Berks, Co, Pa., 1767, 3 pa. 18, 382: Jacob Mauser, with Nich's Moiser, Maxatawny Tp. Berks Co., Pa., 1780, 3 PA, 18, 250: Nich's Mouser with Jacob Mouser, (?) Maxatawny Tp., Berks Co., Pa., 1779). Emigrants from Wuerttemberg - The Adolf Gerber Lists page 189. dates Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s about Agatha Gomminger Mauser Name: Agatha Gomminger Mauser Year: 1751 Place: Pennsylvania Family Members: Wife Agatha Gomminger; Child Johann Friedrich; Child Anna Maria; Child Nicolaus; Child Johann Jacob; Child Johannes; Child Agnes Source Publication Code: 9964 Primary Immigrant: Mauser, Hans Michael Annotation: Five lists originally published between the years 1936 and 1951. See no. 2444, Gerber; no. 4525, Langguth; no. 3193, Hinke; no. 4357, Krebs; and no. 8945, Steinemann. The lists cover emigrants from Wuerttemberg, Wertheim, Zweibruecken, and Schaffhausen. I Source Bibliography: YODER, DON, editor. Pennsylvania German Immigrants, 1709-1786: Lists Consolidated from Yearbooks of the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1980. 394p. Repr. 1984. Page: 89 Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s about Hs Mich Mauser Name: Hs Mich Mauser Year: 1751 Age: 44 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1707 Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Family Members: Wife Agatha Gomminger; Daughter A Maria 5; Son Nicolaus 2; Son Joh Jac 8; Son Johs 16; Son Joh Friedr 10; Daughter Agnes 14 Source Publication Code: 2464 Primary Immigrant: Mauser, Hs Mich Annotation: Supplementary volume from larger source of material, including state archives. Has index of surnames lacking from no. 2434, Gerber. Source Bibliography: GERBER, ADOLF. Neue Beitraege zur Auswanderung nach Amerika im 18. Jahrhundert aus Altwuerttembergischen Kirchenbuechern unter Hinzuziehung anderer Quellen. Stuttgart [Germany]: J.F. Steinkopf, [1929?]. 44p. Page: 31 Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. [List 168C] At the State House at Philadelphia, On Monday, the 16th September 1751. Present: The Worshipful, William Plumted, Esqr. Mayor. The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Nancy, Capt. Thomas Coatam, from Rotterdam, this Day took the usual Qualifications & subscribed them. One Catholick. No 78. Whole Freights 200. along with other names Michel Mauser Johans Mauser is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.