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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jan Nevius: Birth: ABT 1715 in Port Richmond, Richmond, Ny. Death: INFANT

  2. Echtje Nevius: Birth: 7 May 1717 in Port Richmond, Richmond, Ny. Death: BEF 1726

  3. Mary Nevius or Nefie: Birth: ABT 1728.

  4. Antje Nefie: Birth: ABT 1730.

  5. Cornelius Nevius: Death: in Bucks, Pa

  6. Margretie Nevius: Death: ABT 1760 in Northampton Twp, Bucks, Pa

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  10. Sara Neefies: Death: BEF 1755

  11. Johannes Nevius: Death: 17 May 1774 in Northampton, Bucks, Pa

a. Note:   s Descendants" by A. Van Doren Honeyman, 1900. "Joris Neefries of Staten Island, NY and Bucks Co., PA, son of Cornelius (and Agatha Bouman), b on Staten Island about 1686; d in Bucks Co., PA., between Apr 17, 1744 and July 1745; m. about 1710, Willemptje Barcaloo, dau of Jan Harmanson Barcaloo. Joris was the progenitor of the various families of Long Island and elsewhere known as Neefus, Neafus, Naphis, Nafis and Napheys. He is believed to have signed his name only by his mark, as he did his will. He lived in Richmond Co., Staten Island, NY as late as January 1726, and is first known to be in Bucks Co., PA, in Northampton Twp in 1732. He may have gone there direct from Staten Island, or he may have gone first to NJ and thence to Bucks Co. At any rate it was after he was forty years of age, and after he had been married at least fifteen years, when he permanently located in Northampton Twp, Bucks Co., near present Churchville. The conjeture that he might have spen some portion of the time in NJ prior to his emigration to PA may account for the absence of baptisms, both on Staten Island and in Bucks Co. I suppose that the fact that his sister Arientje, wife of Gerrit Kroesen, went to Bucks Co., with her husband, at least as early as 1718, was the magnet which finally and permanently drew him from his early home. Joris' first eight children were born on Staten Island, being baptised at Port Richmond, 1711-1726. The eleventh and twelfth were baptised in the Dutch church of North and Southampton, Bucks Co., between 1732 and 1734. May 14, 1752, Will of Yores Nefuss admitted to probate in Bucks Co. Signed by his mark, and spelled by the draughtsman Yeoras Neffus; dated Apr 12, 1744, with codicil Apr 17, 1744. (Lib 2 of Wills of Bucks Co., p 279) It seems singular that, while he died before July 1745 his will ws not offered for probate until 1755, but it to be conjectured that his widow continued to live on the estate until her death (presumably 1755), when, in order to make the will effective and settle the estate, it became necessary to prove the testament. Nevertheless an inventory of the estate had been made July 16, 1745, but not filed until May 14, 1755."
  FHL Ancestral May 1999. Died Jul 1745, Northhampton,Bucks.PA. Married 23 Sep 1709 Port Richmond,SI,Richmond,NY.
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