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Marriage: Children:
  1. Christopher Newman: Birth: 1 Feb 1769 in Newmantown, Hampshire, VA. Death: 27 Mar 1845 in Franklin Twp,Adams,OH

  2. Samuel Daniel Newman: Birth: 3 Jan 1771 in VA. Death: 20 Feb 1858 in Adams,OH

  3. William Newman: Birth: ABT 1772 in VA.

  4. George Newman: Birth: ABT 1773 in VA.

  5. Catharine Newman: Birth: 12 Feb 1774 in Romney, Hampshire, VA. Death: 16 Nov 1861 in , Union, Oh

  6. HANNAH Newman: Birth: ABT 1775 in Romney, Hampshire, VA. Death: 29 Jun 1838 in Hampshire County,VA

  7. John Newman: Birth: ABT 1776 in Romney, Hampshire, VA. Death: 26 Jul 1826

  8. Sarah Newman: Birth: ABT 1777 in Romney, Hampshire, VA.

  9. Mary Newman: Birth: ABT 1779 in Romney, Hampshire, VA.

  10. Nathaniel Foster Newman: Birth: 1 Nov 1783 in Romney, Hampshire, VA.

a. Note:   e Newman Family of Hampshire Co., W.VA.", compiled by Don & Carol Newman,, 1984. "George Newman Sr. d ca 1804 Hampshire Co., W.VA; res: prior to 1778, Prince William Co., VA; 1778 to 1804, Hampshire Co., W.VA.; occupation: farmer."
  Ibid. p 43. "George and Isaac came from Prince William County and in 1778 purchased 352 acres on the South Branch known as Lord Fairfax survey No. 37, located six miles south of Romney. In 1793 they also purchased jointly 430 acres on the South branch, known as Lord Fairfax survey number 38,adjoining the original purchase. In 1790, John Newman evident retired from farming and sold his land to Isaac Newman and in 1800, he bought a lot in the town of Springfield....When George died in 1804, his wife, Mary evidently stayed on in West Virginia for a while with her son William. She then came to Ross Co., Ohio and lived with her daughter, Catharine Blue, until her death in 1828."
  Place of birth per Karlena Edenfield, [email protected] Oct 1998.
  Per, LDS Ancestral File, May 1999. Death date, may have died in Ross Co,OH.
  Transcribed by Jeffrey C. Weaver,1998."The 1781-82 Hampshire County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List".,George. Tithes:1. Slaves above 12: Horses:2.Cattle:7.
  State of Virginia Enumerations Hampshire Co, 1782. Newman, George 11 whites, 10 blacks. State of Virginia Enumerations Hampshire Co, 1784. Newman, George 12 whites, 10 blacks.
  Rootsweb WorldConnect. Marge Mercer. "I have evidence that George and Mary Elizabeth had an emplied (sic implied) marriage in Fairfax Co. Virginia. I understand that an emplied (sic) marriage is usually because they were married outside of the church. Mary's father evidently thought a lot of George as he was made executor of his will and was called his beloved son-in-law, George. William, Mary's father died in Fairfax Co., also. Story that I have heard on this family is theat they were Jewish and that when they first came to Ohio, the Jewish people had to have at least 10 members of the church to form a church of the Jewish faith. They did not have that many families and so they build a church of no denomination. John and his brother David built the first such church in Adams Co., Ohio." "There is an inventory of a George Newman estate, dated 5 Feb 1805. 'George Newman died intestate on the 27th of april 1804 and he was born ca 1740 in Alexandria,VA. He died in Hampshire Co,VA. He lived in Newmantown. He married Mary Elizabeth Robertson who was the daughter of William Robertson of Louden Co, VA. Also have a copy of William Robertson (will?) naming Mary Elizabeth as his daughter and also the wife of his beloved son in law, George Newman."
  Ibid. Carldine Martin Van Allen, [email protected] death date of 27 Apr 1804 Romeny,Hampshire,WV. Virginia Census, 1607-1890 Name: George Newman State: VA County: Hampshire County Township: 11 00 Year: 1782 Record Type: Continental Census Page: 26 Database: VA Early Census Index U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 Name: George Newman Gender: male Spouse Name: Mary Elizabeth Robertson Marriage State: of VA Number Pages: 7
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