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  1. SAMUEL Greave: Birth: 26 Apr 1677 in , , , Ireland. Death: 5 Aug 1741 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle, De

  2. Thomas Greave: Birth: 1680. Death: 1714 in Pilesgrove Twp,Salem,NJ

  3. Mary Graves: Birth: 1680 in Salem Co,NJ.

  4. Sarah Graves: Death: 27 Apr 1740/1749

  5. Person Not Viewable

a. Note:   Graves Family Assoc. Gen. 85 Per Jean C. Grave, Mar 1997. Name, came to America abt 1680.
  "Graves Families of the World", by Kenneth Vance Graves. Sent via e-mail from H.W. Bud Graves "Thomas Graves lived in New Castle Co., Delaware. He probably died before his son Samuel, came into possession of his land in 1700. Thomas is thought by some to have come from Lynn, Mass, about 1690. As his son Thomas Graves, Jr of Salem, Co., NJ married a New England woman and his son Samuel Graves married a widow of a Lynn man who had moved to NJ some support for this supposition is supplied (Note that in the discussion of Samuel, there is no information provided to support this statement that he married the widow of a Lynn man; evidence is needed.) ...In a "Genealogical History of the State of Delaware", as quoted by John Card Graves, appears the following. "Among the first settlers of New Castle County were the ancestors of the Graves family. They were of English descent. Thomas Grave (for so was the name sometimes spelled two centuries ago) was the first of the family to come to America. He was a typical English gentleman, possessed of means, a sturdy constitution, and a hearty love of the chase. He founded his home at Christiana Hundred in 1691, purchasing for that purpose 500 acres of land, part of which he used as a game preserve. He was fond of hunting deer and foxes which made their habitation on his property, and hunting parties he gave were famous for good sport. He died on his farm."
  Per internet, Mar 1998. The line of Diana Lynne Graves Ramsaur. "Was a Quaker."
  Per Rich Langley,Kokomo,IN; Mar 1999. Death year and place. June 2003 A new result (from the Dec. 24, 2001 data) is that gen. 50 (Humphrey Isaac Greaves of NC) seems to be closely related to gen. 94 (Thomas Graves of NC & Maury Co., TN). The Jan. 16, 2002 results show that gen. 472 (Thomas J. Graves of OH & DE) is also part of this group. All the families in this group are probably descended from or related to the Quaker family of Thomas Graves of DE (85) (as confirmed on May 20, 2002). More participants from gen. 85 are needed to help find the exact connection. There are a few examples in the testing results where some of the descendants may not carry the Y-chromosome of the earliest Graves/Greaves ancestor of that line. One example (1447) of that is believed to be the branch of the Quaker family of Thomas Graves of New Castle Co., DE (gen. 85) descended from Polly Graves who was thought to have married an unknown Graves man. Although there is no reason to doubt that Polly was a descendant of this family, it appears very unlikely that she had children by a Graves man. The results for 1447 are not close to any known Graves family. However, in some cases it is possible that a DNA result that does not match the expected Graves family may still be a match to another Graves/Greaves family.
  Ibid. There may be a connection between the families of Thomas Graves of DE, Quaker (85), Levi C. Graves (244), Jesse Graves (167), Lewis Graves (45), John Graves and Sarah ------ of VA & OH (160), Anna R. Graves and Sylvester Ratcliff of OH (797), Jonas Graves and Mary Bethel of Vinton Co., OH (798), Martha Graves and Isaac Cox of NJ (138), Margaret Graves and William Morton of Ireland & PA (367), Mary Graves and Anderson R. Hunter of Ross Co. & Stark Co., OH (650), and Rachel Graves and Joseph Wyatt of Ross Co., OH (780).
  Rootsweb WorldConnect. Lyn Smith. b abt 1650 Beeley, North Derbyshire,England. Genealogical Abstracts from Biographical and Genealogical History of the State of Delaware by Bill and Martha Reamy - Pg 131-132 "Thomas was the first of the family in America. He was an English gentleman of means who settled in Christiana Hundred in 1691. He loved the chase and established a game preserve where he could hunt deer and foxes. He died on his farm." Hugh L. Von Niederhausern born abt 1650, of Ireland. d abt 1715, of Oxford,Philadelphia Co.,PA. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s January 14, 2006 9:47 PM Name: Thomas Graves Year: 1691 Place: Massachusetts Source Publication Code: 6435.60 Primary Immigrant: Graves, Thomas, Sr. Annotation: Date and place of mention. Source Bibliography: PAIGE, LUCIUS R. List of Freemen of Massachusetts, 1630-1691. Baltimore: Clearfield Co., 2002. 60p. Page: 40 May be connected to Graves family of Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.