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Anna Margaret Neff: Birth: 28 Aug 1761 in , , Pa.
John George Neff: Birth: 24 Feb 1751 in , , Pa.
John Henry Neff: Birth: 4 Jul 1764 in , , Pa.
John Jacob Neff: Birth: 16 Sep 1744 in , , Pa.
John Leonard Neff: Birth: 3 Apr 1757 in , , Pa.
Maria Christina Neff: Birth: 16 Jul 1747 in , , Pa.
Michael Neff: Birth: 1 Jun 1759 in , , Pa.
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Antje Nefie: Birth: ABT 1730.
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Mary Neitzer: Birth: 5 Jan 1780 in Amwell Twp, Hunterdon,NJ. Death: 23 Jan 1850 in Monroe,Butler,OH
Charles Byrd Nelson: Birth: ABT 1888. Death: 23 Dec 1956 in Pueblo,Pueblo Co.,CO
Elmore Clyde Nelson: Birth: 7 Mar 1881 in Fulton Co,IN.
Erik Charles Nelson: Birth: 5 Mar 1967. Death: ABT 1982
Ernest Alba Nelson: Birth: 6 Jul 1894 in Madison Co.,IN. Death: Oct 1962
Esta George Nelson: Birth: 9 Feb 1890 in OH. Death: 29 May 1917 in Montana
Eula Grace Nelson: Birth: 25 Aug 1883 in Fulton Co,IN.
Floyd D. Nelson: Birth: 17 Feb 1888 in IN.
Franklin Lincoln Nelson: Birth: 12 Feb 1897 in Madison,OH. Death: 4 Dec 1897 in Madison,OH
Harry G. Nelson: Birth: 4 Oct 1891 in OH. Death: Oct 1983 in Lewistown, Fergus Co., MT
James Dea Nelson: Birth: 17 Feb 1924. Death: 14 Dec 2002 in Cass County,IN
James Monroe Nelson: Birth: 9 May 1854 in Union Co,IN.
John Alan Nelson: Birth: 8 Sep 1952. Death: 21 Jul 1969 in Cass County,IN
Luther Burbank Nelson: Birth: 19 Jun 1909 in Lambert, Alfalfa, Ok. Death: 10 Sep 1957 in Hutchinson, Reno, Ks
MARGARET Nelson: Birth: 20 Apr 1549 in Wendling, Norfolk, England. Death: 1614 in England
William Ray Nelson: Birth: 26 Jul 1885.
Edward Nethersole: Birth: ABT 1557.
JAMES Nethersole: Birth: ABT 1520 in Of Canterbury, Kent, England.
Joan Nethersole: Birth: ABT 1555.
MARY Nethersole: Birth: ABT 1562 in England.
Sylvester Nethersole: Birth: ABT 1649.
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Johann Christoph Neumann: Birth: 7 Feb 1719 in Kreuznach,Pfalz,Germany. Death: 2 Mar 1778 in New Hanover,Philadelphia,PA
JOHANN Wilhelm Neumann: Birth: 3 Apr 1687 in Langendiebach,Kr Hanau,Hessen,Germany. Death: 1741 in New Hanover,Philadelphia,PA
Anna Mary Neutzling: Birth: Jul 1863 in Meigs Co.,OH. Death: 20 Dec 1938 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO
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Edward Neville: Birth: ABT 1412/1417 in Raby, Durham, England. Death: 18 Oct 1476
Elinore Neville: Birth: ABT 1774 in Omagh,Tyrone Co.,Ireland.
MARGARET Neville: Birth: ABT 1455 in Raby,Durham,England. Death: 30 Sep 1506
Mary Nevius or Nefie: Birth: ABT 1728.
Catrina Nevius: Birth: 1746 in Northhampton, Bucks, Pa. Death: in Bucks, Pa
Cornelis Nevius: Death: 23 Oct 1711 in Port Richmond, Richmond, Ny
Cornelis Nevius: Death: 19 Jan 1661 in Ny
Echtje Nevius: Birth: 7 May 1717 in Port Richmond, Richmond, Ny. Death: BEF 1726
Jan Nevius: Birth: ABT 1715 in Port Richmond, Richmond, Ny. Death: INFANT
Joannes Nevius: Death: Jun 1672 in Brooklyn, Kings, Ny
Joannes Nevius: Birth: 1654.
Johanna Nevius: Death: 1734 in Flatlands, Kings, Ny
Johannes Nevius: Death: 17 May 1774 in Northampton, Bucks, Pa
Johannes Nevius: Death: 1806 in Bucks, Pa
Joris Nevius: Birth: ABT 1686 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny. Death: Jul 1745 in Northhampton, Bucks, Pa
Joris Nevius: Death: 1787 in Va
Margretie Nevius: Death: ABT 1760 in Northampton Twp, Bucks, Pa
Petrus Nevius: Death: 29 Apr 1740 in Ny
Sarah Nevius: Birth: ABT 1702 in Port Richmond,Richmond,NY. Death: ABT 1789
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Jethro New: Birth: 20 Sep 1757 in Kent Co., DE. Death: 1 Feb 1836 in Vernon, Jennings Co., IN
Frank Charles Newcomer: Birth: 29 Oct 1861 in Greene,OH.
Salome Newcomer: Birth: 1 May 1755 in , Adams, Pa.
Brady Newlin: Birth: 13 Jan 1878. Death: 11 Mar 1950
James B. Newlin: Birth: 1853. Death: 1930
John Alexander Newlin: Birth: 12 Jul 1851. Death: 26 Nov 1926
Letitia Newlin: Birth: 6 Dec 1849. Death: 25 Aug 1931 in Annapolis, Crawford, Il
Myrtle Newlin: Birth: 1883. Death: 1962
Barton Newman: Birth: ABT 1795/1797.
Bazzle Newman: Birth: 20 Jul 1812 in Adams,OH. Death: 5 Mar 1859
Catharine Newman: Birth: 12 Feb 1774 in Romney, Hampshire, VA. Death: 16 Nov 1861 in , Union, Oh
Christopher Newman: Birth: 1 Feb 1769 in Newmantown, Hampshire, VA. Death: 27 Mar 1845 in Franklin Twp,Adams,OH
David Newman: Birth: ABT 1748 in VA.
Elizabeth Newman: Birth: 9 Dec 1799 in Hampshire,WV. Death: 2 Oct 1853 in Jefferson Twp,Adams,OH
GEORGE Newman: Birth: ABT 1745 in Alexandria, Orange, Va. Death: 27 Apr 1804 in Hampshire, Wv
George Newman: Birth: ABT 1773 in VA.
Hannah H. Newman: Birth: 3 Feb 1798 in Hampshire,WV.
HANNAH Newman: Birth: ABT 1775 in Romney, Hampshire, VA. Death: 29 Jun 1838 in Hampshire County,VA
Henrietta Newman: Birth: 8 Jul 1810 in Adams,OH.
Isaac Newman: Birth: ABT 1742 in Va.
James Newman: Birth: 9 Mar 1819 in Adams,OH. Death: 15 Jan 1908
Jarret Newman: Birth: 29 Aug 1801 in Portsmouth,Scioto,OH. Death: 14 May 1868 in Portsmouth,Scioto,OH
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