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  1. Donald Wayne Bowman: Birth: 24 Nov 1932 in Hutchinson, Reno, Ks. Death: 29 Sep 1990 in Orange, Orange Co, Ca

Marriage: Children:
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a. Continued:   Copy of Kansas Certificate of Death. DOD 1-17-1959. Myosarcoma left thigh, metastasis tumor to left ventricle.
Birth date per brother, Hugh Bowman.
Marriage year per newspaper obituary of third wife Thelma Bowman.
Death date per newspaper obituary of third wife Thelma Bowman, and brother Hugh Bowman.
Last address: 602 East 5th Hutchinson, Kansas
"Descendants of John Blaw (Blue)" Fourth Edition, Aug 1990. Compiled by William H. Blue. Natl Blue Family Assoc. pp 468, 637 & 638.
1915 Kansas Census, Reno Co., Hutchinson. Own home, mortgage. 5 6. Bowman E. L. (sic), age 34, m w, born KS, Printer. Bowman, Dove, age 32, f w, KS. Henrietta, age 12, f w KS. Wilma, age 10 f w KS. Keith, age 9 m w KS. Wayne, age 2 m w KS.
1920 US Census, SD 7, ED 183, Sheet 4A, Kansas, Reno, Hutchinson, Ward 6, 7TH Street, 1100, 76, 83. Bowman, Will M. head, own home,mortgaged, M W 39 M, Read, write, B KS, F B KS, M B KS, Printer, Printing Co. Dove, wife, F W 37 M, read write, B IL, F B IL, M B IL. Henrietta, daughter F W 15, read, write, B KS. Wilma, daughter F W 14, read, write, B KS. Keith, son, M W 12, read, write, b Ks. Wayne, son, m w 6, b KS. Hugh, son m w 4 5/12, b KS. Ruth, daughter f w 4/12, b KS.
1925 Kansas State Census, Reno County, Hutchinson. 1100 East 7th, 210, 222, Bowman Will, head, own home, free, male, white, age 4?, married, born KS, printer, wholes printing, can read & write. Dovie, wife, female, white, age 4?, married, born KS, can read & write. Keith, son, male, white, age 15, single, born KS, can r & w. Wayne, son, male, white, age 11, single, born KS, can r & w. Hugh, son, male, white, age 9, single, born KS, can r & w. Ruth, d(aughter), female, white, age 5, single, born KS, cannot read & write. Betty, d(aughter), female, white, age 4, single, born KS, cannot read & write.
1930 US Census, SD 8, Ed 78-33, Page: 6A, Kansas, Reno, Hutchinson. 7th Avenue East, 1100, 131 228. Bowman, Will M, head o $2500 radio no m w 49 m 22 no yes KS OH PA x 70 xxxx yes manager, print shop, 7349 w yes. Dove, wife xxx no f w 47 m 20 no yes KS OH IL x 70 xxxx yes none. Wayne J, son xxxno m w 16 s x yes yes KS KS KS x 70 xxxx yes none. Hugh D, son xxx no m w 13 s x yes yes KS KS KS x 70 xxxx yes none. Page 6B. Bowman, Ruth M, daughter xxx no f w 10 s x yes yes KS KS KS x 70 xxxx yes none. Betty J. daughter xxx no f w 9 s x yes x KS KS KS x 70 xxxxx none.
1940 US Census, Kansas, Reno County, Hutchinson, SD 11, ED 78-24A, Sheet 9B. Apr 11, 1940. 705 North Plum. 212. Rent for $25. Bowman, Willie, head, male, white, age 58, married, 8th grade, KS, Same Place, Printer, Retail Printing, worked 52 weeks, $0. Dove E., wife, female, age 57, married, 8th grade, KS, Same place. Keith N., son, male, white, age 30, Divorced, H-2, KS, Same place, clerk in Post Office, worked 52 weeks for $2100. Wayne R. (sic), son, male, white, age 24, divorced, H-1, KS, same place, truck driver, wholesale grocery house, worked 40 weeks for $600. Brooks, Daughter (sic s/b Ruth), daughter, female, white, age 20, married, H-1, KS, same place. Brooks, Harold M., son-in-law, male, white, age 25, married, H-1, KS, same place, laborer, R??road, worked 20 weeks for $400. Bowman, Carrie, daughter-in-law, female, white, age 23, m(looks like m was crossed out and replaced with a 7. Can only be m for married, s for single, d for divorced or wd for widowed), H-4, KS, same place. Bowman, Keith W., grandson, male, white, age 13, single, in 8th grade, KS, same place. Bowman, Donald J., grand son, male, white, age 7, single, in 2nd grade, KS, same place. Brooks, Jerry W., son (sic s/b grandson), male, white, age 1, KS, same place. Bowman, Patricia, granddaughter, female, white, 3/12, KS.
"A Compilation of Barret Genealogies and Histories" Dorothy Barrett Hollingsworth, 1993. p 65.
"History of Reno County Kansas Its People, Industries and Institutions" by Sheridan Ploughe, Vol II, 1917. B. F. Bowen & Co., Inc., Indianapolis, IS. p 199. "To Eli and Henrietta (Barrett) Bowman four children were born, as follow: Dora, born on February 17, 1870, widow of A. Bert Cook, and lives at Geneseo, Illinois, where she has one Child, a son, A.B. Jr.; Will M., November 14, 1880, a printer in the office of the 'Hutchinson Wholesaler', who married Dove Gear (sic) and has five children Henrietta, Wilma, Keith, Wayne and Hugh; Myron, February 11, 1883, who married Jessie Cutshaw and lives in Los Angeles, California, where he is engaged in the wholesale cigar business, and Minola, September 28, 1886, who married Sherman Miller, a farmer of Valley Township, this county (Reno), and has two children, Sherman and Ira." U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989 Name: Carrie Bowman Gender: Female Residence Year: 1941 Street address: 329 Avenue A E Residence Place: Hutchinson, Kansas, USA Spouse: J Wayne Bowman Publication Title: Hutchinson, Kansas, City Directory, 1941 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.