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Marriage: Children:
  1. Catharina Elisabetha Lesch: Birth: ABT 1720.

  2. Anna Christina Lesch: Birth: ABT 1722. Death: in Shenandoah, Va

  3. Maria Margaretha Lesch: Birth: ABT 1724.

  4. ANNA MARIA Loesch: Birth: 1728/1729 in Tulpehocken, , Pa. Death: 20 May 1810 in Baltimore, , Md

  5. John Jacob Lesch: Birth: ABT 1730. Death: 1756

  6. Susanna Margaret Lesch: Birth: ABT 1732 in Tulpehocken, Pa.

  7. Maria Elizabeth Lesch: Birth: 9 Oct 1733 in Tulpehocken, Pa. Death: 20 Nov 1807 in Reading, Berks, Pa

  8. Anna Sophia Lesch: Birth: 1737.

a. Note:   Name per Phyllis J. Henning, Feb 1996. 1710 Arrived in New York 1723 Arrived in Pennsylvania - Tulpehocken 1743 signed the Lutheran confession of faith in corner-stone of new church 1745-1748 Trustee of church 1747 contributed 4 pounds to erection of a parsonage 1748 among the nine church officers 1752 10s to organ fund 1755 7s, 6p to erection of a church wall 1758 in Church Council 1768, Jan 26 made his will The Palatine Project - Reconstructed Passenger Lists, 1710, Third List. Ship: Fame Captain: Walter Houxton From: London Arrival: 14 Jun 1710. 454 Johann Balthasar Lösch, 38 Susanna (Gering) Johann Adam, 15 elisabetha Magdalena, 10 Johann Georg, 8 (son),age 2 Over age 10 2; under age 10 3 Lesch; 3rd party (Wilken's) in Holland; 3rd arrival in London Livingston Manor, Winter of 1710; Summer 1711. Johann Adam Lesch
  LDS film 0517216; Jones, Charles Stork Henning, _Jones and Allied Families. This part entitled: "The Hennings in Pennsylvania and Maryland" 1710-1925. Written 1925. "Among the German Immigrants to Penna we find a number by the name of Lesch (Losch). Some of these came thru the port of Phila and settled in Germantown. Others of the family were among the thousands who went to London in 1708 and 1709. And among the 2,000 who left England Dec 25, 1709 for America, arriving in New York June 13, 1710. Six Hundred of the immigrants had died at sea. 1400 of them were sent to Livingston's Manor on the Hudson River. (German - Lowenstein's Bush). (Redemptioners). They were to raise hemp and burn tar to pay for their transportation advanced by Parliament (10,000 pounds). J. Conrad Weiser, Sr. was a leader of the colony for 10 years; and his son the greter Conrad for the rest of his life. Very much dissatisfied 150 families removed to Schohary NY, where after a few years of Hardships, they prospered, forming seven villages, taking the land on Indian grants which after ten years, and the death of Queen Ann, their benefactor, was declared by the NY authorities of no value. The Governor sold their lands to others. Some of the settlers bought their lands from the new owners. Others resolved to remove to Penn. In the spring of 1723 thirty-three families cut a road to the Susquehanna River, and floated down to the mouth of the Swatara Creek and poled their goods up this creek to the Tulpehocken region, then Lancaster Co. now Berks; and settled near what is now Myerstown. 33 families came in 1723. Others in 1728 and 29. They built their first church, (Lutheran) Zion and Reith's in 1727. The records of this church or of the church which divided from it in 1743. (Christ's are the source of much information for this history." John Adam LOSCH (Rupp) was among the 33 families who came to Tulpehocken in 1723. Proof is yet wanting, but he certainly was among those who left Germany under Rev. Kocherthal, and went thru all the bitter experiences of the immigrants. He was probably born between 1790 (1690) and 1796 (1696) in Worms, Palatinate. For his will he says he had a brother George Lesch. Croll says that George, who became a Moravian, died in Nazareth Aaug 1790 an old man 91 years of age. That he was born near Worms, Germany, in 1699 and emigrated in 1709-10."
  Ibid. "John Adam Losch lived in Heidelberg Township (Tulpehocken). North of Tulpehocken or Myerstown lived George and J.Jacob Lesch. (Croll) The homesteads in order east to west were: Conrad Weiser; Philip Bram (Braun); Adam Lesch; Peter Schaffer; Christopher Keyser; Jacob Schaffer. Adam Lesch was a prominent man in the community. His name (is) in several taxlists of the county. 1756 taxed 20 pounds. He liberally supported the Lutheran church. He was one of these who left the old zion church in the hands of the Moravians (the result of the "Tulpehocken Confusion" stirred up by Conrad Beissel) and organized and build a new Lutheran Church (Christ's). Adam and his son Jacob signed the Lutheran confession of faith placed in the corner-stone of the new church, which was finished and dedicated Dec 25, 1743, Rev. Tobias Wagner pater, 1743-1746. Adam was a Trustee of the chruch 1745-1748 when he resigned. And again his (he) was in the Council 1758. In 1748 he and Conrad Weiser were among the 9 church officers. Adam contributed 4 pounds to the erection of a parsonage for Rev. J.N. Kurtz 1747. 10s to the organ fund in 1752, 7s 6p to the erection of a wall around the church yard in 1755. Adam Lesch made his will Jan 26 1768. Prob. ____ 176_. There are no death records in the church Book from 1754 to 1771. Buried in Christ church yard (no doubt). Christ Church (Tulpehocken) records: "March 10, 1771; John Adam Lesch's widow, Anna Sophia; daughter of John Jacob Kapp, born Oct 13, 1695. Mother of eight children, 76 year 4 mo. Ps. 25; 16" she had made a will April 29, 1770. (Christ's Cemetery)."
  1996 by Pennsylvania Chapter of Palatines to America. by Terry L. McAfee. Place of origin: Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany. "Johann G. Loesch arrived at the age of 11 with his mother, Susannah Philippina Gering (Loesch), brother Johann Adam, and sister, Elisabetha Magdalena. The father Johan Balthaser Loesch died at sea in 1710. The mother later married Jacob Kopff and lived in the Berks Co. area of Pennsylvania." "b 23 May 1695" "Unknown ship name, U.S. arrival date: 1710; Port: New York, NY."
  Johann Adam Lesch, b. May 23, 1695 in Bischofsheim, Germany from the Ginsheim-Gustavsburg Church Book. Terry McAfee, Mar 1997.
  Per Terry McAfee, Mar 1997. "In the will book F, page 279, dated 1741, Philadelphia Co., PA for Jacob Kopf of Tulpehocken is mentioned his wife Susanna and his step-children Adam and Georg Lesch, and Elisabetha Madelina Braun."
  LDS Ancestral File, Aug 2000. Place of birth Ginsheim,Gustavsburg,Palatinate,Germany 23 May 1695.
  Colonial records of Pennsylvania list. Probably in Tulpehocken Valley in Pennsylvania by 1727, The first settlers arrived before May 13, 1723. From a petition or a road from Olney to Tulpehocken presented to the court of Quarter Sessions at Philadelphia in September, 1727. Crilly Butler, Jr. [email protected] First appeared on tax list for Tulpehocken 10 Jan 1725 and was landowner in 1732. (1723-1973 Anniversary Magazine of the Tulpehocken, p. 52). Will dated 26 Jan 1768, probated 25 March 1768. Children listed in Hank Jones, p. 556. Will: Jacob Kopf of Tulpehocken, Philadelphia Co. Will Book F, page 279, dated 1741;Will: Adam Lesh, Berks County, Pa., dated 26 Jan 1768, probated 25 March 1768; Biography: Extracted from Henry Jones book: "Johann Adam, the son b. 23 May 1695 - sp.: Johan Adam Neu, single (Ginsheim-Gustavsburg Chbk.). He sp. Johannes Zech in 1710 (West Camp Luth. Chbk.) and probably was the Joh. Adam Kopp who sp. Theobald Jung at Schoharie in 1717, according to Kocherthal's register (HJ). Pastor Frederick S. Weiser states the tombstone for Johann Adam Lesch shows dates 1695-1768. Johann Adam appeared on the first tax list for Tulpehocken 10 Jan 1725 and was a landowner in the valley ca. the yr. 1732, his tract being ca. a mile n. of Rieds Luth. Church between the lands of Jacob Kopp and Philip Brown (1723-1973 Anniversary Magazine of the Tulpehocken, p. 52). He was noted on the 1743 list of members in the Tulpehocken Chbk. Johann Adam md. Anna Sophia Kopf, b. 13 Oct 1695 - bur. 10 March 1771, aged 76 yrs. and 4 months (Tulpehocken Chbk.). The will of Adam Lesh was dated 26 Jan 1768 and probated 25 March 1768, and the will of Sophia Lesh was dated 29 Aug 1770 and probated 25 March 1771 (Lancaster Co. Wills: Bk. Y, Vol. 2, pp. 397 & 398)." | Birth: 23 MAY 1695 in Ginsheim, Gustavsburg, Palatinate, Germany Death: 1768 in Lancaster Co., PA Event: Migrated BET 1723 AND 1725 Settled in the Tulpehocken region of PA Event: Trustee BET 1743 AND 1758 Christ Lutheran Church NATU: 10 APR 1755 Naturalized in Pennsylvania, having received the Sacrament March 30th. Will: 26 JAN 1768 Dated is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.