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Marriage: Children:
  1. Peter Perrin: Birth: 1667 in New Dorp, , Richmond, Ny. Death: 1741 in New Dorp, , Richmond, Ny

  2. Henry Perrin: Birth: 1669 in New Dorp, , Richmond, Ny. Death: 1765 in Middlesex, , Nj

  3. James Perrin: Birth: 1670 in New Dorp, Richmond, Ny. Death: ABT 1745 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny

  4. DANIEL Perrin: Birth: 1672 in New Dorp, , Richmond, Ny. Death: 1745 in , Staten Island, Richmond, Ny

  5. William Perrin: Birth: 1673 in New Dorp, , Richmond, Ny.

  6. Francyne Perrin: Birth: 1675 in , Staten Island, Richmond, Ny.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Sara Perrin: Death: AFT 1735

  2. Elizabet Perrin

  3. Maria Perrin: Death: AFT 1723

a. Note:   Hugenot Birth year, place, death month, year, place, father, spouse, marriage date, place and children per LDS computer Ancestral File as of Aug 1993.
  "Annals of Staten Island" by J.J. Clute, NY, 1877. p. 414. "Perine. The original orthography of the name was Perrin. Count Perrin was a Huguenot refugee from Novere; the American family are not descended from him, but the original emigrant was akin to him. The first occurrence of the name in this county was in 1687, where Daniel Perine sold land, and he was probably the progenitor of the Perines of the present day.....The branch which we are able to trace, lived for a century and a half, or more, in the same house, which is still standing, and occupied by them, on the Richmond Road, a short distance north of Garrison's Station, on the Staten Island Railroad. It is probably the oldest dwelling house in the county occupied by the family who built it."
  "Daniel Perrin" "The Huguenot and His Descendants in America, of the Surnames Perrine, Perine, and Prine. 1665-1910". Compiled by Howland Delano Perrine, AB, LLB. NJ. 1910. "Daniel Perrin, 'The Huguenot', b 164_; d after Sept 6, 1719; m (1) Maria Thorel, of Rouen, France, Feb 18, 1666; b 164_; d before 1687; m (2) Elizabeth ___, after 1687; d after Sept 6, 1719. (See Records Ref Dutch Ch, Port Richmond, S.I.)"
  "Listed as valid Huguenot ancestors in the 1983 Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors of the Society compiled by the Registrar General." "Perrin/Perrine, Pierre, Staten Island NY 1685; son Danl to Elizabethtown Plantations NJ 1665."
  First Settlers of Staten Island, there in 1687
  "Five Hundred First Families of America" compiled and edited by Alexander DuBin, Third Edition 1970-1971. The Historical Publication Society, NY NY. (Delaware Public Archives) p 163. Perrin. In Jan. 1664, a patent was granted to Sir George Carteret,John Lord Berkley and Lord Stratton, for all ther territory lying to the west of the Hudson River and New York Bay and extending to the south as far as Cape May, New Jersey--all included in the present State of New Jersey. | A ship named "Philip" was fitted out and sailed to the new territory, in April 1665, with 30 passengers, French and English. It anchored in New York Bay July 29, 1665. Among the 30 passengers, or emigres, were Daniel Perrin and Maria Thorel, the emigrant ancestors of this family. Daniel Perrin was the son of Pierre Perrin, a Huguenot and of Norman descent. | After reaching New York Bay, Daniel Perrin, settled on what was called the Elizabeth Towne Plantation (New Jersey). He married (1) Feb 18, 1666, Maria Thorel, of French lineage, her family having been settled near the ancient city of Rouen. They removed to Staten Island, New York, and established their home there. Records show them here in 1687-88. The last record of Daniel Perrin appears in the baptismal record of the Reformed Dutch Church at Port Richmond, Staten Island, on Sept 6, 1719, when he was sponsor or witness at the baptism of his grandchild. By this marriage, there were sic children of whom Daniel was the fourth child. | In direct line, the descent is as follows: Daniel Perine, born 1672, died 1745; married and had four children. Peter Perine, born 1701, died 1756; married Mary. Was Captain of Richmond County Militia ini 1739. Henry Perine, born 1730, died 1788; married Susanna Cole. Abrahan (sic) Perine, born 1766, died 1831; married Sarah Reseau. William Henry Perine, born 1808, died 1893; married Susan Wade Woolley. John Edwin Perine, born 1841, died Albion, Mich., 1915; married Cornelia Ann Aiken. Fred Agens Perine was the second of their four children. Fred Agens Perine, born Albion, Mich., June 3, 1878; B.S., Albion College, Mich., 1898, A.B., Harvard, 1904; student U. of Michigan, 1942-43. Married, Sept 9, 1915, Eleanor Grace Kelly Ross, born 24, 1876. Issue, one child: William Ross Perine, born Cincinnati, Ohio, July 5, 1917; U.S. Air Force, died in battle March 1, 1942.
  Rootsweb WorldConnect Patrick Lee Harrington [email protected] "In 1664 James II of England granted patent to territory "New Caesarea" (the present state of New Jersey) to Sir George Carteret, John Lord Berkley, and Lord Stratton. Setting out on the ship "Philip," Philip Carteret, representing his cousin Sir George, set out as appointed first governor of this territory in April 1665. The "Philip" eventually arrived in New York harbor on July 29, 1665, after first landing at Chesapeake Bay for repairs following a very difficult crossing. A painting of the landing was done by Howard Pyle and now rests in the Circuit Court in Newark, New Jersey. | The thirty French and English passengers on the "Philip" included the emigres Daniel Perrin , probably an administrator for the governor, and Maria Thorel. Both of them are in the painting by Pyle. | Daniel was from the Isle of Jersey and "was of gentle birth, of Norman descent, and a Huguenot." (H.D.Perrine) The Perrins, originally from the French mainland, had apparently lived in Jersey a long time as an ancient tower on the island bears the name. The family name appears as early as 1440 in old pedigree charts of families on the Isles of Jersey and Guernsey. These islands have at various times been in the possession of both France and England, finally coming under English rule about 1500, where they have since remained (though Jersey has retained its French influence and culture). However, Daniel's father, Pierre, seems to have come from La Rochelle, France. It is not documented where either were born. | Maria Thorel's family was originally from Rouen, France. Whether Daniel and Maria knew each other before the voyage is unknown. They were married the year following the landing, on February 18, 1666, in what is believed to be the first marriage licensed by Governor Carteret in the new settlement. Daniel and Maria were granted an 80 acre tract on the western shore of what is now Staten Island, called Smoking Point (later included in the boundaries of the current area of Rossville). Their stone house, built in 1688 on Richmond Road, still exists. | On this farm, Daniel and Maria raised six children - five sons and a daughter. Maria died some time before 1687. Daniel later remarried a woman named Elizabeth, with whom he had three daughters. Though it is unknown where Daniel and Maria are buried, a bronze tablet commemorates them in the French Episcopal Church in New York City: "Ile de Jersey - 1665 - Nova Caesarea Pour Honorer la memoire de DANIEL PERRIN et de MARIE THOREL son epouse Refugies pour motif de conscience Maries a Elizabethtowne la 18 Fevrier 1666 Certains de leurs descendants ont places ici cette inscriptions A.D. 1903" " PERINE HOMESTEAD At Dongan Hills, Staten Island. Build about 1713. The original home of the Perine family is said to have been build about 1713 by Joseph Holms, and later came into the possession of the Perines. It is still owned by them. The name was originally spelled Perrin, and the family were French Huguenot, and the first mention of the name in America was probably in 1665, when Daniel Perrin sold some land on Staten Island. The house was occupied by branches of the Perine family for over a hundred and fifty years. During a part of the Revolution t was occupied by Captain Coghlan, of the British army. In front is Todt or Toad Hill, also called Iron Hill because at times iron was found there. (picture of a stone, two story house) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.