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Marriage: Children:
  1. Carel Inyart: Birth: ABT 1685.

  2. John Inyart: Birth: ABT 1687 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny. Death: 1749

  3. Antje Inyart: Birth: ABT 1689 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny. Death: in Bucks Co,PA

  4. Christine Inyart: Birth: ABT 1691 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny.

  5. Annetje Inyart: Birth: ABT 1694 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny.

  6. Charles Inyart: Birth: ABT 1696 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny. Death: 1733 in Warminster, Bucks, Pa

Marriage: Children:
  1. Mathias Inyart: Birth: ABT 1702 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny.

a. Note:   Enyart, Ingart, Iniaart Farmer, highway surveyor
  "The American Genealogist" Oct 1956. Vol 32, No 4. "The Easy-Going Van Woggelums" by George E. McCracken. p 210. "Trientie or Catharina, m Yellis Ingart of Staten Island whose will dated 2 Jan 1706/7, probated 11 Mar 1707/8 (Coll NY Hist Soc Wills, 1:456) Names son John, mentions other children, wife Trientie, two brothers-in-law, John Wogland and Ury Woglan; witnesses: Peter Hoogewater, Jan Maklys (I.E. his father-in-law), Oswald Ford."
  "NY - Abstract of Wills, Vol I, p 456." "Yellis Ingart. In the name of God, Amen. I, Yellis Ingart, of Staten Island, being very well in health but considering the bevity and shortness of my life. I leave to my son John, five pounds more than any of the rest of my children. I leave to my wife Trientie, the use of 1/3 of my estate for life, and the use of my dwelling house, unless my son John or whoever of my children shall buy the same, shall build another comfortable house upon the same land for her to live in. I make my two brothers-in-law John Woglan and Ury Woglan, executors. Dated January 2, 1706/7. witnesses, Peter Hoogewater, Jan Maklys, Oswald Ford. Proved March 11, 1707/8."
  William Henry Roll, birthdate of 1 Feb 1652 The Netherlands.
  Dutch-Colonies, Aug 2000. Willem Rabbeljee translated articles from James Penninck."Dec 20, 1697 Yellis Enjart (probable son of Carel), and Peter Petersen received a stroke of land at the largest field in the north of Staten Island, situated beyond the property of Cornelis Corsseni. That stroke of land or part of it was sold Jan 20, 1722 by John Enyard to Jacobus Crave, who married Antje Iniaart. Jan 2, 1707, Ingart (Lellis) made his last will, in whiich his wife Trentchea and three sons: John, Charles and Tice, and three daughters: Antea, Christine and Annachia are mentioned. Tice seems to be the only son, who stayed at Staten Island, where he and his wife, Elizabeth Gerritsen baptized six children between the years 1730 and 1746. The other sons, John and Charles seemed to have left for New Jersey about 171s (?). John served as private in the Company of Captain John Moore, belonging to the militia-regiment of Colonel Thomas Farmer. The great-grandson of the first Carel, is mentioned as Carrel Enyard, who married Maria sTevens May 4, 1758, in the Dutch Reformed Church at Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He gave the minister 15 shillings for his efforts. May 6, 1759 that had their son Abraham baptized in the same church. Like most pioneer families, the Enjarts too spreaded over the colony, later south and westward. The name is written successively: Enjard, Enyard, Iniaart, Inyard, Ingart, Inyard, Ingerd, Inyeard, Inyer and Enyard. In all probability the original name much have been: Van den Ingaard."
  Barbara Barth; The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. Vol 130, Number 2. April 1999. pp 99-108. "Previous researchers overlooked a 1692 mortgage by Jellis Inyard and his wife Alice, which proves that Yellis had an earlier marriage. It is now clear that Elsje/Alice was the mother of Yellis three children born before 1692, and probably of two born later. The names of her children indicate that she was a Van Woggelum: the first son and second daughter were named John (Jan) and Christiana (Styntje), after her parents; the second son and first daughter were named Charles for Yellis' father and Antje presumably for his mother; and the other child, Annetje, was probably named for Elsje/Alice's paternal grandmother, all following the typical Dutch naming pattern. ...Yellis married secondly around 1700, Tryntie Vlierboom, the widow of Gerrit Bastiaensen. ...The only know child of Yellis Inyart and Tryntje Vlierboom was Matthys (also known as Thys/Tice), born about 1702, and obviously named for Tryntje's father, Matthys Servaes." "Yellis Ingart's will was dated 2 Jan 1706/7, and proed 11 Mar 1708/9.
  William Henry Roll, [email protected], June 2000. "Yellis Inyard bought the farm two houses east [from Jan harmensen Van Barkelo, 2nd wife Margrietje who married 2nd Johannes Roll, southwestern corner of Watchogue Road and Willow Brook Road, Staten Island) on Watchogue Road on 9 Dec 1697. His wife Elsje Jans Van Woggelum may still have been living at that time; if so, she died shortly afterward." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.